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Sometimes it's not loving them, it's loving yourself
I love you, you are perfect,
pretty, flawless, heartless yes you are worth it
cook clean money getting machine
admired respected by every one on your team
quick to vanquish drama verbally mentally
the foolish ones underestimating... get the physically
not knowing that your delicate feature were mines
underneath was a beast a killer a hustler born to grind
you got them fooled dont you, lying eyes and smile
you keep it real with me, making it all worth while
you do it all for me, gave it all to me, trust you with my life
i feel guilty as though ive stolen a good mans wife
You stand up to men in ways that makes me feel weak
you make cash, no effort I pretend I can compete
your sex game is a challenge i can't please you as you do me
I try my best i wasnt prepared for your badu as it seduced me
You turned me straight, wait... what did i just say
was it out loud? no then they would know i was once gay
fucking girls with no feeling to fit in with my fam
hid my life in the streets my real friends were my boyfriends damn
until she came in yeah she was just another bitch
i was gon fuck to mak my man jealous with
but she tricked me she was a low key God fearing woman
who saved herself trained herself just for that moment
she kissed me something shot through my mind
sparked a flame in my heart, she right then, was mines
thats why i beat her ass shes not nosy shes smart
the fear confuses her questioning herself as i hid in the dark
i even made her fuck another man hoping i could shake her
she made that look good too, the sadness in her eyes... i forgave her
She'll do it all for me shes taming me i cant change her
shes too real to her understanding to become a stranger
so im the one whos fake. i breathe regret. my life a mistake
she gone leave me, i can tell her the truth she'll never believe me (love become hate)
she hates me already i keep fucking up
i always find a way to mess up my luck
knowing her she would accept me i cant accept myself
I demand she stay 100 and i dont know myself

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