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Prompt Words: dance, nose, rock. Word Count: 271
"That rock has a nose!" Doris stopped, causing David to side step to keep from knocking her down.

"What rock?" David look left, right, and then down at the sidewalk beneath his feet.

"That one there," Doris pointed to fist sized lavender stone rolling towards them.

"What makes you think it has a nose?" David picked the rock up and examined it. "It doesn't have a nose." He glared at his sister attempting to hand the rock to her.

"It does too! It sniffed at me."

David shook his head, and threw the rock down. It flew back up, hitting him on the chin before falling back to the ground.

"Now it's attacking us."

"No," said the rock, "I only attacked David because he threw me down. I like you, Doris."

"Uh... Doris, when did you become a ventriloquist?"

I haven't," she smiled slyly at David. "That was the rock talking." She stooped down, picked the rock up, and dusted it off. "Did he hurt you?"

"No, Doris, you mean brother didn't hurt me."

Doris dusted the rock off before standing up. "David, would you please apologize to my new friend."

David stared blankly at his sister for a few minutes. Then he looked around to see if anyone else was watching. "Doris, what kind of trick are you playing on me?"

"Doris," the rock said. "Would you dance with me?"

"Yes," Doris smiled. "What's you name?"


Doris skipped and twirled down the sidewalk, leaving David standing there staring after her.

"Hi, David," said his father coming up behind him. "Who were you and Doris talking to?"

"Rocky the rock."
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