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my poem to GOD
I stray from you because of pain

Because of guilt,

to hide my shame

I stray from you because I'm small

so small in this world

you can't hear me at all

I stray from you when I get lost

Can't hear your advice

Your voice is too soft

I stray from you because of hurt

you're supposed to protect me,

when I'm treated like dirt

I stray because I feel you can wait

till I'm sober, then,

I might have something to say

I stray because I come to you alone

nobody wants to go with

so I follow along

I stray like 'forget it I'll do it myself'

I have to show everyone, even you

that I do not need help

I stray because it's foolish

to lose what I had

it's my fault, I know, you're already mad

I stray because I was told I am re-newed

so why is everyone staring at me like I'm all used

I stray because I try

you've seen me yourself

but I fell on my face, you saved everyone else

I stray when I'm in love

putting him first

you have so many to love you, he needed me first

I stray because I'm ambitious, chasing my dreams

what you planned and what I hope

are two different things

I stray because they wronged me

you let them slide... so I handled it,

I'm justified, hurting inside

I stray because of confusing, blurred line rules

when I'm trying to please you

I'm doing it wrong, I feel like a fool

but you always find a way

to put me back on my knees

to call upon you, I stray, but not for long

so it somehow seems.
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