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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Other · #2145499
Amy finds herself working at a rather interesting weight 'loss' camp.
Amy woke slowly. It was early morning, around 7:35. She and all the other counselors had to be up around 8, and ready by 8:30, but getting up this early had become easy and enjoyable for her just as it had for some of the other counselors. After all, working with a bunch of fat, male teens had turned out to be much more enjoyable than she thought it would be. She rose, walking over to the mirror in the counselor bedroom she had to herself.

She hadn't changed much, really. Her hair was getting long but a trip to a stylist would fix that. In spite of the unhealthy food served to the campers, she had managed to say rather fit. And her breasts... Well, there was no excusing them. They were double the size they had been when she came, as well as full of milk for feeding boys, two facts that made her blush just thinking about them. How had she gotten here? The thought crossed her mind quite often.

She initially applied after finding a flyer seeking out counselors, meeting with the owner of the apparent weight loss camp for an interview. The owner, a lithe woman named Ms. Brenda, had a warm smile on her face as she described the joy of witnessing the teens growing up over the summer, rounding-out as hopeful young men. Ms. Brenda seemed a bit eccentric, but she appeared to know what she was talking about in describing the health of the boys and caring for them. Though there was one thing that, in retrospect, should have tipped Amy off. She was hired immediately after the interview, Ms. Brenda apparently finding her fit for the job, but Ms. Brenda's parting words that she hoped would be of use were "Do what you can to keep the boys happy. That's what it's all about."

Amy thought that was referring to the fact the boys were at a "fat camp" and might be upset. Even though they were adolescents, no longer young boys that needed to be treated like vegetables were the most exciting thing on the planet, it still wasn't enjoyable to be told "You're fat and need to lose weight". Even some adults would be upset at being told that. But it wasn't until the first staff meeting a week before her first bout of camp would start when she, the new girl, witnessed the fourteen other counselors (all female) forego any sort of ice-breaker to let Amy in on the secret.

"If you're expecting to help anyone lose weight, you should leave now." "No camper has lost weight here in years." "We get paid more money to make these guys fatter!" The explanation was given that the camp used to cater to weight loss until some rich benefactors offered a lot more money for Ms. Brenda to fatten their disobedient son up, in the process punishing him and also making him more complacent. Soon-enough, the camp only had a front for weight loss, with the reverse going on. This new program had quite a few demographics, some unanticipated by Ms. Brenda, such as parents who wanted to reward their overweight son with a nice, food-based getaway that would at least encourage social interaction. Of course there were also clueless parents, who would be outraged to find their formerly-chubby sixteen-year-old now waddling out of camp with soft, weakened thighs and an extra chin, and coddling parents who insisted on the boy being made into a complacent fatty that wouldn't want to leave the security of home and tasty food.

Amy had no idea what to say. But the money was more than decent, so she let the money speak for her. She was briefed on the basics, and the first wave of campers came a week later. Ranging anywhere from (both surprisingly and unsurprisingly) thin to already morbidly obese, and getting six boys running the size gamut courtesy of the other counselors, she was tasked with keeping this squad organized and helping them with activities, the first of which was brunch. Many of their faces told her that they weren't aware of what kind of camp this was, but the sheer unhealthiness of their first meal would tip some of them off, she hoped. Stations for omelettes, french toast, pancakes, and waffles, bacon and sausage, sandwiches, chicken... She watched boys go up, load plates up, and plop down in the seats. The larger boys took two plates while meeker boys, the ones who obviously felt guilty, tried to take less.

But some of the sad-looking boys, she noticed, were being visited by the other counselors. After a quick pep talk from them, those who were looking down seemed to feel a bit better. Apparently even just letting them know it's okay to eat more was enough to lighten their moods. Seeing the boys eat like it was their last meal, chins wobbling and plump fingers desperately grabbing, tugged at Amy's heart-strings while also feeling a bit comical given that she was in on the "joke". By the end of the week, as she realized based on expressions and the general mood everyone gave off, many of the boys would be in on it as well. After a couple days, she was given the okay to answer the campers truthfully. A chubby 16-year-old in her group wanted to know "what the fuck was going on", to which she replied that nothing weird was happening, but that he shouldn't expect to lose weight and should probably just go along with it, mainly because she was doing the same.

Things progressed normally, or as normally as they can at a weight gain camp, but one night early in the second week everything came to a screeching halt for her when she over-heard one boy telling another how a counselor had taken him behind a cabin the night before and showed her breasts to him. Stuff like THAT was never discussed! But given everything Amy knew, and that she hadn't been apprised of that... She sought out the counselor whose name had been mentioned, Morgan, to which the girl responded with a simple "Yeah I did it. Make 'em happy, right? I mean, it's not as bad as what some of the other girls have done before, plus the boys get all cute when they're fidget-y and blushing..." She seemed to speak earnestly, like she actually believed this. She saw the look of incredulity on Amy's face.

"Look, I haven't seen you doing very much encouraging. You should try it yourself; you don't need to turn into a total perv or anything. Our job is to make these boys bigger. Why not have some fun while doing it?" Amy gave a mild frown. She really hadn't done much. She made sure her group made it through every meal and snack, that they at least tried to go swimming, but hadn't given the boys belly-rubs or tentative squeezes of parts of their already-softening bodies like she had seen the other girls do. She resolved to try and change that, or at least to test Morgan's point.

After the boys' next meal, Amy stood by the door that led out of the dining area. All of the campers slowly walked out, utterly stuffed. Deciding she should just do it, she got a quick grab of one of the lazy boys' love handles. He turned to her in passing, blushing and looking sheepish as he walked away, as if she had just flirted with him. His flab was soft, malleable. And really, it didn't feel that bad in her hand. She actually felt a little flutter inside herself, too; being this forward wasn't something she was accustomed to. But she decided to experiment more. She wanted to investigate the feelings that were rising up from deep inside her...
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