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What is "caudal autotomy"? Why did God design it into the leopard gecko?
There are many fascinating creative discoveries to learn about in God's designs for the various animals in His Creation. The article below about the leopard gecko (which was featured in one of the monthly issues of the Answers in Genesis newsletters) teaches us some of the unique design features of this animal.


THE ARARAT RIDGE ZOO at the Ark Encounter cares for a wide variety of animals in every shape and size. Each of these animals has specific traits designed by God to help them survive in their natural habitats.

Although the leopard gecko is much smaller than most of the other animals in the zoo, it is equipped with some amazing survival skills!

Leopard geckos possess a large tail, which stores most of their fat, causing the tail to appear more appetizing to a predator than the front end of the gecko. If attacked, the leopard gecko has the ability to detach its tail voluntarily! The tail can continue to move once detached to distract the predator while the unharmed gecko makes its getaway. This remarkable trait is referred to as "caudal autotomy," and is one of God's many unique features we see throughout His animal kingdom.

Two leopard geckos, Zillah and Zipporah, reside at the Ararat Ridge Zoo and can be seen at select times on the second deck of the Ark. Zillah has demonstrated the caudal autotomy feature and also displays what occurs after her tail detaches. God designed these creatures with the ability to regenerate their tail after it has detached in under a two-month time period! Our zookeepers take a picture of her tail regrowth daily to track her progress.

Come visit the Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter to learn more about God's astonishing creatures!
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