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Started as a short story, but now may turn into a series of 2 books.
My name is Nymia. When I was 14. I lived in a little village, on the Island of Solatia. My father was a fisherman and my mother..well she had passed in to the spirit world. I had always dreampt of flying. My father always told me that my mothers spirit soared through the heavens. I miss her dearly. My life is used to be very dull and boring. But that all changed…When I became the keeper of the Solatian Stones.

My father used to tell me stories, of the stones. About the awesome power that they had.
It was during the Tuela. The ocean festival, held once every 7 years. Where all the island people come together to sing and dance, they do a lot of fishing too. But for the first half of the celebration the men go fishing and hunting for 3 days straight and they save all of the catch for the festival. Then the women go to the oceans edge, early in the morning on festival day and wade in the water throwing hibiscus & orchid flower petals in th water for the Goddess Tularas. Tularas is the ocean goddess, who make sure there is fish and seaweed in the ocean, for us.
One morning I was out collecting flowers, for the festival, while the women were wading collecting seaweed leaves. I came down to the waters edge and stared in to the crystal blue water. It reminded me of my mothers eyes. So pure.
After several seconds I began to hear my father calling from a distance. So I began to turn away when I seen something in the water. It looked like a fish, but it had hair, beautiful red and yellow hair! And it was quick because it moved so fast that when I blinked it was gone. Startled I ran up the beach, to my father and began to tell him of what I seen, he just laughed and said that I was seeing things….

But I knew different….
Chapter 1: The Road to Galentia
Sitting on the beach, I am daydreaming.....
"Nymia!"....I sat up and look around to see my friend and neighbor Seguna, walking down the beach toward me.
"Hi Una!"( thats what we call Seguna for short) I said. She plopped down beside me with an empty basket, made of seaweed. " Wanna collect shells with me?" she asks excitedly, "Sure, Lets go" I replied, and we headed for the water.
I put my toes in the water first, then my whole foot. "Found one!" I yelled. Una came running over to see. It was small in size, horizontally twisted and alternated in color between white and purple. It was really shiny. " Pretty" Una replied. As I droped the shell in her basket I seen that she already had found several shells, ranging in size and shape. We stayed out on the beach for several hours looking for shells, laughing and playing in the sand as we went. I began to get hungery and invited Una back to my house for some lunch. She agreed, and off we went.
On the way home we stopped off in the grove to pick some fruit, we picked several apples and oranges, and brought them back to the house to eat with our lunch.
When we entered the house, I noticed father sitting at the table with a man wearing a yellow cloak. As soon as they seen us they stopped talking. I could see father had a concerned look on his face. " Nymia, please have a seat" he said strongly. I sat down in the chair next to him, across from the cloaked man. I knew something was wrong. Very wrong.
"Nymia, this man here, his name is Novis. He is a Solation High priest. He as come here to seek you out." father continued." I knew this day would come for some time." He sighed. "What is happening father?" I said fearfully. " Novis knew your mother, Solan has told him to come and find you , you are...."you knew my mother?" I abruptly interrupted. Novis looked to my father before answering, as if asking for his approval. Father nodded. And Novis answered. "Yes, I knew your mother." His voice was deep, calming, strong.
All the while Una was still standing in the doorway, remaining quiet as to not disrupt the conversation or be rude.
"Seguna, you will come too" Novis said. "you are to assist Nymia, she has a big job and will need alot of help. I already spoke to your parents before I came here." Both of us were in total shock. " Una", Novis said calmly " go to your home, your parents already packed for you, say your goodbyes, and come back here, quickly we have no time to waste." Una, nodded and out the door she ran.
I again turned back to my father, as I opened my mouth to speak he interrupted me. " Nymia, I know that is all happening very fast for you, and I am so very sorry about that. But I must do as the Gods command. Solan has requested you and Una, as priestesses, and Novis is to be your teacher and guide. You are following in your mothers footsteps, and I wouldnt have it any other way.
As I went in to my room to pack my things, I heard Una, come back in to the house.
" Nymia" Una said softly " my mom said that Novis is a great priest and he and your mom worked in Solan's temple years ago." I stopped looked at her and continued to pack. "Why wouldnt your father tell you any of this?" She continued
"No matter" I replied "Lets Go"
As we walked out of my room and in to the kitchen father and Novis, were both standing at table now.
"You girls are embarking on a great adventure." my father said "Nymia, Una look after each other, I will see you both again soon" he then kissed me on my forehead and told me he loved me.
" Come Along Ladies "Novis said " we have a long journey ahead of us."
We left the house and headed down the dusty road. As we walked down the road, I noticed that ppl slightly bowed their head when they seen Novis. I kept thinking he must really be important. We continued down the road for about an hr. and by this time we were way out of town. I seen a large red and yellow tent just off the road. "That's us" Novis said.
As we approached the tent several men, came out to greet us. There were 5 of them. Una and I backed up behind Novis, and he could clearly see that we were frightened. "No need to be afraid" Novis said. " These are the Nabi, they are fellow priests and warriors, they will protect us as we travel" as Una and I walked into the tent "and where are we traveling to?" I asked. "Galentia" he responded. " Galentia? it exists?" "you bet it does" he replied. "So where exactly is Galentia?" Una replied "I can not exactly say" Novis answerd "You will see soon enough, in the meantime" he continued, "you should eat and rest" he handed Una and I each a basket, it was full of fruit, bread and nectar. "Thankyou" we both responded, and began to dig in.
After our meal, some of the men went to collect fire wood. Me and Una stayed behind. I had some questions for Novis. I got up from table and walked over to where Novis was sitting, he seemed to be writing something. "Nymia" he said it as if he heard me walking over. " Novis, you seem to know alot about my past, could you tell me about my mother?, and why would Solan choose Una and I to be priestesses?" he slid over and motioned for me to sit next to him. "I am aware that there is so very much you do not know. But I promise in due time, all will be revealed to you." I sighed heavly. That wasnt the answer that I wanted, and Novis knew it. "Could you at least tell me what your writing over here?" I said, hoping to get some type of understanding. Novis looked at me, with a soft smile he replied "Solan, the sun God, came to me and told me to go to Solatia and find Monsoo and Nymia. I knew who you were because I knew your mother and I helped her escape, and find your father, many many years ago." I looked away thinking, "wait a minue, how old is my father?, how old are you?"
By now the men had come back from collecting the fire wood and were sitting in the tent talking amongst themselves. I seen Una, at a table near the back of the tent, writing...she didnt look too happy. "Are you ok?" I asked her "Yes" she replied, " I just dont know where I fit into all of this, I mean why me?" " Look dont worry so much" I reassured her "No matter what happens, we are in this thing togeather, ok?" "ok" she replied.
We looked up to see Novis walking toward us. " Please get some rest ladies, tomorrow the road will be fast and long." he said as he handed us some fluffy blankets. " Will do" we replied.
Novis directed us to the center of the tent, where we were to sleep, when we asked why he replied "The Nabi, will sleep around you, in a circle formation to keep you safe." "They will actually be casting a safety spell" he continued "once casted no one can get near you until the spell is removed, not even I" he said bowing his head.
"But why is all of this necessary?" I said fearfully. "Someone is looking for you and Una, a evil warlord Named Tarsis." But Why" I asked " No more questions!" Novis said while getting under his blanket. "goodnight!"
Novis laid down and pulled his blanket over his shoulders and went to sleep. As Una and I began to lay down we seen a green bubble begin to form around us. Before I could even open my mouth to speak a word Novis interrups "Safety Spell" me and Una looked again at each other. Neither one of us said anything, we just laid down and went to sleep.
Novis woke us up early the next morning. He gave us breakfast, of fruit and bread. We ate quickly, by the time we were done eating, the Nabi we already mounting their horses. Me and Una were each given a horse.
"Ladies, we are going to ride hard and fast today as we must move quickly to get you to Galentia." He instructed us. "Just sit and ride, dont worry." we both looked slightly confused, but decided not to question him. The Nabi helped us mount our horses and we began to ride down the road. The horses were running so very fast. We rode for at least a few hours. By now we were well off the road and down in to a meadow of tall white and purple flowers, with random trees scattered about. " We shall rest here."Novis announced. We found a beautful tree with bright red apples and, sat down under it.
Novis sat down next to Una and I and handed us both a book. "Read and study these, they are your guide books. I will be teaching you the things in these books, read over the first 3 pages and we will begin shortly".
As I opened the cover to the 1st page, I noticed that the book was written in ancient elvish, which I could not read. "I cant read this!" I exclaimed.
"Yes you can" he replied "Look closer, concentrate, its in your blood"
I looked up at him as if he was crazy, and I thought it too. Novis got up and came over to where I was sitting, and sat down next to me. "Close your eyes" he said softly, but firmly. "Recall the words on the 1st page, do you see them?" " yes" I replied "Now, focus on the words, say them to yourself, clear your mind" As I sat, I took a few deep breaths, cleared my mind, and remembered the words from the book, as Novis had instructed me.
I began to relax, taking deep breaths. One after another, by the time I reached my 3rd breath, the symbols were turning in to english. I was reading ancient elvish. I opened my eyes, and looked at the page, the symbols were still on the page, but It was like magically there was english writing under them. " I see it! I see it!" I shouted. "Novis how is this happening?" I questioned "How am I able to do this?"
Novis looked at me and said "Its time" " follow me" he said. We walked over to one of the trees and picked a leaf.
"There are many things about your mother and father you do not know. But you will soon learn. Some of these things you will not understand at first, but in time you will have full understanding."
"Your mother, was a beautiful, Elf. She was a priestess, in the temple of Solen. Solen favored your mother for her many years of loyalty and service. Solen being the sun god, he could not come down himself and give her his gift., so he had Tularas the ocean goddess give your mother his gift. When Solen told Tularas of your mothers loyalty, she also gained Tularas's favor. So Solen and Tularas created a most amazing gift togeather to give your mother. "
The Solatian Stones. Solan put his power, and Tularas put her eternal life, and some of her ocean power in to these stones, and made them into jewelery. They were to be given to your mother on the day you were born, (which was at least 40 yrs in the future) as they knew that her body wouldnt be able to survive your birth. But in the meantime, they were kept in Solan's temple, where your mother and I performed the sacraed rituals."He continued.
"You, and Una are on your way to meet Solan" he said softly "Wha..What?" I gasped "Solan?" " Yes" he responded "But we do have a long way to go" he said "you have much learning to do" "Why are we going to meet Solan" I questioned "I honestly do not know, Solan doesnt make his appearance to just anyone."
Novis stood up and picked a few apples from the tree, he gave me 3 and turned around facing the others "read the book, study the words. You need to learn the rules, rituals and spells in that book." He then began walking back toward the others, leaving me with the book, under the tree.
I read several pages, the 1st chapter was all about the rules of being a Solatian Priestess. As I was reading I continued to wonder why he wrote this chapter in the book when he never said anything about me being a prietess.
About 30 min later Novis came walking back towards me " Its time, we must keep moving" He shouted.
I got up from the ground, placed the apples, and the book in my side bag and jogged over to Novis. "Im ready"
We walked back rejoined the group and began mounting our horses. Una called me name "Nymia!" "hey" I responded. I walked over to her "Isnt this place beautiful!" "Sure is" She replied "Its peaceful too, shame we have to leave." I walked back over to my horse, and began to mount when I seen a women standing in the trees.
" Una look" I said and pointed over into the woods "Do you see that women?"
"yeah" She said "but what is she doing way out here? "I continued to look at her, almost staring. And she was looking right back at me...then she was just gone.
"Una, wait where did she go?" I announced
I amost ran over in that direction when I heard Novis "come along ladies, we dont have all day!" he scolded. I jumped up onto my horse, and joined the rest of the group.
We again picked up the pace, and rode hard for another 2-3 hrs. Still in the meadow, but now it was just tall green grass, and I could see a desert up ahead. We stopped riding when we got to the edge of the meadow. I was slightly confused as to how the meadow just stopped and then it was just blank empty sand.
As Una and I dismounted our horses. I seen a large yellow tent sitting off to the side of the meadow. " Bring the horses over here" One of the Nabi yelled. We walked the horses over to the tent and tied them off to a tree, gave them wanter, and we entered the tent.
The Nabi were sitting at tables, and Novis was in a back room, talking to someone. Una and I took a seat at one of the tables. One of the Nabi came by and offered us some fruit and crackers, we accepted.
Noticing that Una hadent said much since we left the villiage, I was curious about her feelings.
"Hey Una, are you ok. I noticed that you havent said much, to me since we left the village?"
"Im fine" she replied, "Novis told me, that I am to assist you in your journey, but I feel lost, and unsure of myself. I have no desire to question the God's, but I just dont know how I fit in to this whole thing." she said sadly.
" If Novis said you are to help me, then that is your job" I said sternly
Before I could start another sentence. Novis came out the back room, with another one of the Nabi men.
"Ladies, please pull out your books. I hope you have been studying, because your 1st class begins now." he said
"Finally" Una huffed
"Follow me" he guided us out of the yellow tent and out to the tree where the horses were tied up.
"Listen closly ladies, magic is energy, earth energy, we call this white energy. White energy can do change the molecular structure of one thing and make it into something else. For example. " He walked up to the tree and pulled off an apple. It was green, and how a worm hole in it.
"EWWWW" Una said " I hope you dont want us to eat that" said excaimed.
" No Una" Novis laughed
"Your job is to use the white energy to make this apple etible." Novis said. "See all we do is manipulate the energy, to do what we need it to do. So look in your books and there should be a restoration spell"
We both open our books and began scrolling down the page. "found it" Una exclaimed happily
" me to" I called a few seconds later
"Now remember what I said" Novis reminded us "We manipulate the energy, and this strength to manipulate it, comes from our life strength. Meaning if you arnt strong enought to cast a spell it could leave you very weak or even kill you. So you must make sure to keep your strenth up. Meaning eat well, sleep when necessary, and dont cast unnecessaryly."
I looked down at the book and began reading the spell
"tola estu nolensac-you benutoseta" I looked at the apple, nothing had happend. "Why didnt it work?" I asked Novis. "You must command it, you said it like you were reading a story book, command it.
"tola estu nolensac-you benutoseta!" Immediately I seen a white halo appeared around my hand, then around the apple. The worm seemed to be being pushed out of the apple, then it became firm, and bright, it even got bigger. The energy was warm. I could feel it pulling out of my body. Immediately began to feel weak, and light headed.
It all seemed to happen in the bling of an eye. "WOW" Una exclaimed " I dont feel well" I responded
"This is all normal, it will take you some time to develop your skills, and your strength. But that is good, for now go into the tent, eat and rest Nymia. Una your up."
"ok here it goes" Una exclaimed
"tola estu nolensac-you benutoseta!" The energy quickly swooped down around Una's arms and when it touched the apple, the same thing began to happen except, Una's apple got bigger and bigger, until she droppd it and it grew roots and became a whole new tree.
" Um, more apples for us" Una said jokingly.
"Una, your power is very strong, this is good, but too much of a good thing can also be bad. So you must work on controlling your magic. " Novis said " But for now, we are done, you may go inside with Nymia and rest with her."
When I woke up I noticed that it was dark, and most of the men were asleep, a few were awake standing guard. I got up and walked over to one of them.
" Hello" I said
" Evening my lady" he replied
" I dont think we have met? " I responded.
" I am Thalnim, guardian of the Iclenad" he replied
" Guardian of the ...who?"
"The Iclenad, a race of powerful Ice dwelling people, we harness the water, wind and ice crystal power, to make our spells stronger. We live under the crystal lake in the Blue Crystal Mountains
"But I came up above the ice when Novis summond me" he continued
"Why did he summon you" I questioned
"He needed priests and warriors for his journey, we are all loyal to Solan" he continued
As we continued our conversation I learned that Each one of Novis's men were from a different located and all were loyal to Solan.
As I began to yawn., I decided I should head back to sleep, said my goodbyes and walked back into the tent and went to sleep.
Upon waking the next morning, I rolled over and noticed Una was wasnt in her blanket, I got up and walked out of the tent, to find her and Novis talking.
"Goodmorning" Novis said as I approached.
"Goodmorning Novis " I replied "Where are we going today"
"Into the desert, to Galentia" he says
I had so many questions, but I didnt bother to ask. As we ate our breakfast of apples, wheat bread, I noticed that the Nabi were trading our horses for camels. Finally we finished our breakfast, filled our water sacks, and mounted our camels. I took one last look at the beautiful green lush fields we had walked through, and the trees that had shared their fruit with us, hoping that I would see this beautiful place again.
The desert was hot, and dry. Hard to breathe hot. So hot you can see the heat wave in the air. I am so glad that Novis had us change our clothes, into white linens, but they didnt do much good. I was drenched 10min into the ride. The camels moved quite fast, as if they didnt like the heat either.
We traveled for about an hr, and came upon an oasis. There were beautiful trees, flowers and even a small grassy area. We sat under the trees and put our feet in the water it was amazing. Meanwhile, Novis and men were talking amongst themselves. As I turned around to touch the water I seen the women. This time she was standing on the water, I could see her clearly. She was absolutely beautiful. " Una look" I said "Its her, Its her" I exclaimed.
I was so excited. Novis and his men ran over next me, and we all just stared at her. She came over to the shore and was now standing directly in front of me.
She was tall, about 5 ft , brown hair and green//blue eyes, she was thin , bronze skin, she smiled at me, her teeth were pearl white. And she was glowing. I could see the gold halo around her entire body. She was familiar to me. I felt like knew her.
"Tularas" Novis exclaimed, as he and his men dropped to their knees. " Novis" She acknowledged him with a slight nod in his direction.
"Ladies, I am the ocean goddess, and yes I have been following you. I decided that its time to make your aquaintenace. "
"Why Now?" I questioned
" Well you are in the desert and I am making sure to provide you water. I created this Oasis here for you all to drink from. We cant have our savior dying in the desert now can we?" She said with a soft smile.
"Savior?" I questioned.
She chuckled " ok, we need to get to Galentia." Solan is quite eager to meet you as well. "
"Novis you must move quickly, I feel a presence has entered into the grasslands, scouts maybe, but I cannot be sure. If Galentia is discovered...." She spoke fearfully " We will make it, goddess, I assure you." He reassured said strongly.
" Ladies, come along, its time to go," He said running towards his camel. Everyone quickly mounted their camels and took off. When I looked back Tularas was gone, and so was the Oasis. The camels continued to run for hours. day turned into night and we slowed our pace as the sun began to set. " We will camp at the Dewondo Caves.
We rode a few more hours, the desert honestly seemed to go on forever, we climed up a sand dune and I couldnt believe my eyes.
"Una, tell me I havent gone crazy?" I shocking said
"Nope" She replied
Below us we could see an entire city, it was brightly colored and packed with people.
" Welcome to Galentia" said Novis excitedly
"Wait. this is Galentia? Bout how?" I questioned " you said Galentia was a magical city that didnt actually have a physical location" I continued.
"This place doesent have a location" Novis replied "And it moves everyday"
"Come " he said
We headed down the dunes toward the city, a few moments in a great shadow seemed to come over the desert.
"Clouds... in the desert ?" Una said with a confused look on her face
"Those are not clouds, quickly into the city!" he shouted. "
"You get them into the city" one of the Nabi exclaimed, " We will deal with them"
Novis, turned around with a look of sincerity on his face, and with a stern nod, we headed toward the city.
I could hear a monsterous growl behind us and fighting...I began to look back but Novis said not to...
The camels ran hard until we reached the city gate. The guards upon seeing Novis immediately opened the gate and hurried us in.
"What were those things?" I asked, as we dismounted our camels.
" Sand Demons, they work for Tarsis..come" said the guard.
"You arrived just in time" one of the guards said "Tarsis's men are on the move, they have scrouring the desert for days, looking for the city. Our cloaking spells only hold for 24 hrs and we wouldve had to move again. Tularas as just arrived. He continued We will escord you to the castle." he finished
"Wait" Novis explained "My men.."
"Your men are fine" replied the guard " they are in the castle, safe...the city is being transported as we speak"
"Look at the sky" una said and as I did, I could see that the sky, was seeming to fly above us, quite fast, althought he sun never looked like it moved at all.
"What is happening?" I said softly
As we walked through the 2nd gate I could see that the town wasnt actually all that big. People were in their little shops selling their wares, children were playing, there were musicans playing music and some women were dancing. It was very beautiful. It made me smile.

Chapter 2: The Meeting

We continued down the main street toward the castle, taking in all the sighst and sounds that bombarded our senses.
As we walked down the street, I noticed that all of the people were dressed quite nicely. It didnt seem like any of them were peasants. "Novis, all of the peopel are dressed so very nicely, are there no peasants here?" I asked
"No" he replied " These people all died innocently, so Solan brough them to live here with him. "
" Did you just say they died?" I said concerningly
" yes" Novis laughed. I personally found nothing funny about the current situation.
"This is a whole entire town of all dead people, who Solan reincarnated?" Una insisted.
" But why..exactly, would he do that ? I questioned
" Just becasue Solan is a God, he doesnet want to be alone. So all of the people who died inocently came to live with Solan, in peace. There is no fighting, hunger or lonelyness here. Pure peace. Everyone here has a professioin that helps with the functionality of the town. Bakers, farmers, musicians, waitresses, priests, blacksmiths, stableboys, and no matter what their profession everyone is treated the same. " Novis said happily
We finally came upon the castle gate. It was unbelievable. They looked like gold beams criss-crossing each other, shimmering and sparkling, as the light beams went in and out of each other. As we approached 3 men in gold armour came to greet us. They were very friendly and actually let us go right in.
One of the guards waved his hand in front of the gate and the light beams retracted into themselves.
Solans castle was breathtaking. All gold, each tower had a crystal on top, the balconys all had crystals hanging around the outside of them. The stairs leading up the the actual doors were white marble with gold veins. They actually glittred as you stepped on them.
" This place is spectacular" Una said
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