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Communities and how they are affected by online communities and social media.
The Online Frontier
By Diana

It is the year of 2018 and technology is booming, not only has it been present at work, but now it has followed us home and become a part of our everyday life. Children no longer go out to the park. Instead, they stay home watching YouTube videos from their little, mini tablets in their little, mini hands. While their big brothers and sisters walk around making funny faces, taking pictures of themselves, and sending them to their not “boyfriends and girlfriends.” Their parents to consumed in work and social media to notice the lack of communication.

Undoubtedly cell phones, email, chat rooms, social networks, and blogging have changed people forms of interaction. Specifically, the community environment that towns and cities create. With all this new technology and social media outlets, there are endless possibilities for everyone to communicate. Thus, technology has provided a new wave for a sense of community virtually. These outlets allow everyone to explore previous possibilities that were closed off and create new and exciting online communities. Now, people from all over the world can create communities based on similar interest and get to know one another. People can create online communities that involve writing, reading, sharing memories, ideology, etc. Online communities give people the ability to make friends who otherwise might not have any. The endless amount of communities creates inclusivity for all people of all interest. Online communities help people by being able to express themselves in a welcoming environment where they won't be judged. Therefore, it has opened a form of expression and communication that has not existed.

However, like all good things in life too much can lead to negative consequences. With all this new technology comes great responsibility. Virtual communication is great, but it is important that humans interact face to face. Desensitization and cyber-bullying are just one of many negative consequences of technology. Technology holds great power and though it has negative effects, I do not think it negatively affects the meaning behind communities. Technology has expanded and boosted the inclusivity of communities and the ability to join.
Ultimately, technology has been a great help to create more communities and expand their capabilities. Likewise, humans must be able to control their consumption of technology and spend more time talking to others in real life. With great technology comes great responsibility.
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