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Growing up...
You raised me in your image.
Not to become a younger version of you, but a better one.

Not because you want me to be you...
It's just that you can only teach me what you know.

You know from experience that some things are better not to be known,
but curiosity will make me wonder.

So, you told me everything, good or bad.
This is to show me how to make a choice.

When I make a mistake,
you lead me on a path to fix it on my own.

Not because you give up on me,
but because you trust that you've raised me right.

I've made many mistakes,
but my deadline for do-overs, is over.

I must grow up and realize
that you wont always be there to pick me up when I'm down.

I must remember to respect myself
and make sure others do so as well.

I won't be taken advantage of,
I will lead an army of followers, NOT BECOME ONE!

My father may give up hope but,
I will arise from the ashes of the fire I've caused.

I will arise and become a powerful woman.

Now, don't get me wrong, he will always love me,
As I will him.

But there will come a day
when he decides to stand back and let me do on my own.

It's a father's instinct to hold on to his baby girl when she's learning to walk,
but when she stops fumbling and falling, HE LET'S GO...


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