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A woman dreams... then suddenly, she's late for work!
It was just then... It hit me... A spark of the mind! I was then that I noticed... colors in the sky. So beautiful... I couldn't stop looking at it. I then noticed that I wasn't standing on anything. It was... surprising! What was keeping my feet from being on the ground? It was... AMAZING! I was floating in the air! So wonderful! It was then that I was being raised higher. Something held my wrist to go higher... and higher... and HIGHER! I was so high that I couldn't believe it! I was flying in the abyss of colors! It was a dream come true... Just then...
PLONK! .... I fall out of my bed... "It was a dream?" Awwww come on! It was sooo wonderful!! Well, too bad it was only just that. "What time is it?".... I look at the clock. "SHIT!! I'M LATE!" I quickly put on whatever I can find in the closet, slip my shoes on, grab my purse and run straight to the car! "My boss is sooo gonna kill me if I'm late for this meeting!" It was another one of his rantings about how we should improve the texture of the clients figure of imaginations of how we should light up the houses better, blah blah blah... Sheesh. It was already bad enough how our last fundraiser didn't quite make the quota... In other words, my boss had to fire A LOT of people! Some of them I knew as friends, but they said "Keep in mind not to make friends with anyone. Just do your work." Pffff! My ass! There's nothing wrong with making a few friends here and there when giving out ideas, right?!
Oh! Did I not tell out what I do at my job? Silly me! I happen to be an interior decorator! Now if you don't know what that is, it is to help clients choose the right designs for their home as well as picking out the right type of furniture and colors that best suit their personalities! If we don't get that clients' needs up to their expectations, then we don't deserve to be called upon as #1! And that's what we were.... until the fundraiser didn't meet the quota as expected, then the boss fired a bunch of people, then there was a lot... no, A LOT of work to be done, there needed to be new people... Psssshhhhh!!......... Just a BIG mess happening all at once!
No matter, I was practically #1 for the boss anyways... if only Tiffany was to do her part in the fundraiser, then this whole thing wouldn't have come down with a big BANG! Tiffany is a BIG flirt! She practically flirted with EVERY guy in the building just to get what she wanted... Well, she got it! A big joystick in her face while she needed to do her part in the fundraising instead... I slap my hand to my head in disgust of an image that rolled right in my mind about Tiff..."Ugghh" I shudder...
I go get a cup of coffee while turning my thoughts to something more formal, like what I'm gonna be doing for the next few months with however many clients decide to show their profiles to our website. I sigh... This is gonna take, literally, FOREVER!
"Lauren!" My boss comes to me with a bunch of pictures and home designs for our meeting. Oh yeah, I made it in the room in the nick of time and sat down in the front where the boss was at. 10 points for another day of not to be written up... again. I giggle inside to that as I sit down with a big folder of pictures and designs come slapping down in front of me. And here we go! Another day, another dollar. Most of it going to the boss anyways... "Well, let's see what we've got today, shall we?" I say aloud as I open the folder as the boss starts his rant about how the future will look if we don't pick up the pieces of our careers.

"Phew!" The day is done as I make my way to my car as I take some happy steps out of that miserable building! Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. It's just how the boss makes the day out to be. And as if things couldn't get any worse... Here comes Tiffany chasing me down as I make my way to the parking garage. "Lauren! Wait!" As she runs with her boobs hanging out of her blouse, she finally catches me as I unlock my car door. She pants out, "Where're ya goin hun? You wanna go to the bar later on?" She's gotta be out of her mind right now! "Does it look like I wanna go to the bar Tiff? The boss just sent a whole lot of assignments my way and I can't take any time chillin' out at the bar. How is it you have time for that anyways?" Tiff catches her breath and tells me something totally ridiculous... "Hey! When ya got time on you're hands, you might meet someone. Am I right?" She giggles.
I roll my eyes. "You may have time to meet someone, but you're terrible with keeping them with you." She shrugs. "Aw c'mon Laurennnn! Ya don't gotta be that way." I say, "Why not? It's the truth. You're ALWAYS finding a way in someones pants, but what good is that if you can't keep it? I'd rather find someone who likes me for who I am, not what I can become as someone else." Tiff sighs, "You may be right about that, but what if I'm not ready for that quite yet? Y'know, just... live a little, right?" She gives me a wink. I roll my eyes so far back in my head, I nearly give myself a headache. I say out, "Y'know what, I'll try and make it when this... mess of things die down a bit. How 'bout that?"
That makes her think a little bit. I always say to myself, "Oh my gosh, she's thinking! She's got a brain in there after all!" I giggle to myself about that. She responds, "All right, ya got until 2 weeks missy! After that, I may as well drag ya to the bar whether ya look like ya just came from the office." I give her a smile and say, "I'll do my best... missy!" She giggles and waves as she bounces her way to her car. She yells out, "2 WEEKS! DON'T FORGET!" And then she drives off like a mad teenager ready to run someone over. I swear she's actually gonna run someone over one of these days. I get in my car and drive home, SAFELY!
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