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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #2146273
She gets home to see her little doggie waiting for her... plus something else...
I finally get home, which felt like forever in a million years! My dog, Gracy, a little dachshund, comes to greet me in her way everyday when I come home from work. Jumping up and down, she gets sooo excited to see me whenever I'm out. I say, "Calm down Gracy, I'll give you your dinner soon. Just let me put my stuff down." She's still jumping with excitement. As I lay my things on the counter of the kitchen, I kneel down on my knees to give her a great big hug cause I missed her so much.
"Who's a good girl? You're a good girl! Wanna go outside?" As soon as I said 'outside', she got so riled up that she almost did a back flip towards the back door! Whoo! This little 'hot dog' doggie's got so much energy, it's like 5 kids in 1 little dog! I giggle... I love her anyways. I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING in the whole wide world! I get up off the floor and open the back door. She rushes outside and sniffs everything in sight! I giggle some more. "My little Gracy's so cute!" I say aloud to myself. I'm always watching her when I take her out. My brother had a dog that he was taking care of, but he let the dog out and didn't watch over him.
Picture this: A big Rottweiler dog being let outside with nobody to watch him... and our back yard had no fence... there was NO leash on the dog as well.
Yeahhh... That dog took off like he was the wild dog of the century! We put up posters all over the neighborhood, the city posts, even the police station! Oh we found that dog, but it took us at least 2 months 'til word got out that he was out there. My brother nearly cried when we found him. That dog had a collar with spikes on it with the name tag 'Bruno'. My brother teared up and I was the one to explain to the people taking care of Bruno about the situation to where my idiot brother didn't watch him when he took him outside. The people understood and gave us Bruno back with understanding smiles on their faces.
Oh! When we got home that day, I gave him a stare and said, "What did I tell ya? Responsibility comes with taking care of a dog, but you don't listen. Do ya?" He gave me a look that said, 'Shut up sis. I KNOOOWWW!' Pfff! Yeah, as if he EVER listens to me anyways... That's why I like small doggies! I can pick them up and carry them to another room of the house. And they won't pull me around if I take them out on a walk. Plus, I loved the smaller dogs instead of the bigger types of dogs anyways. Less drool to clean off of me. Blech!
My little Gracy gets done with her business and comes to the door. I open it up and here she comes! Running towards the kitchen as the regular routine, tongue hanging out as happy as she can be. I close the back door and make my way to the kitchen to give her a treat for being such a good girl, and then gave her food and water. I go towards the couch and plop my body in a lay-down position to rest a bit. Gracy comes by and wags her tail at me and then leaps up to join me. Ohhh she's so cute! I rub her little belly as she rolls over next to me. My thoughts go back and forth to the paperwork that I brought home, then to my sweet puppers! We both take an hour being on the couch, until...
Ding dong! Gracy's head popped up and started heading towards the front door with a bunch of barking. I get up and hold her in one arm as I open the front door. "Huh?" There's nobody there! I look around and there's a little package by the doorway. As I bend over while balancing the door with my hip and holding Gracy in one arm, I get the package with my free hand, then get inside and close the door. I put Gracy down on the couch beside me and open the package. I think to myself, 'Mail doesn't come at the end of the day... It's usually around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. And it's 8pm right now. Huh... Oh well. Let's see what's inside.' I open up the little box and find a beautiful purple flower pendent on a green and orange beaded necklace. The flower seemed to sparkle as well. It felt as if it had magic to it as well... It almost didn't make any sense to me that night! I kept looking at it as if there was something drawn to my attention about it... It was so... beautiful. So mesmerizing that I found myself fixated on this... this... thing that I'm holding in my hands. So shiny... so lovely... so...
I break the trance that I was in and looked at the time. "Oh my gosh! It's 10:48! How long was I looking at this thing for?!" I should've been getting ready for bed by now! I leap off the couch, lunge in the shower, brush my teeth, put on my pajamas, then get into bed. I'd say that was a new world record for me! By the time I got done with all of my hygienic sanitation, it was 11:17. Whoo boy... I plop into bed and put on my alarm. When I turn back over, I see little Gracy trying with all her might to jump on the bed, but she can't quite make it. I giggle to her effort and help her up on the bed. I can't think this enough... She's such a cutie pie.
As I get comfortable, she's getting all cozied up next to me. I thought about the paperwork that I was SUPPOSE to be working on tonight, but the package with the necklace in it, and just staring at that flower for 2 hours straight... I couldn't even imagine! I sigh... The time wasted tonight just gleaming at the flower necklace in my hands... Ugh! I couldn't think about it anymore. I needed sleep. Gracy was already snoring softly next to me. I think I'll join her in dreamland. So I closed my eyes and drifted away as I lost all thoughts of anything.
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