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Samantha is upset because her family forgot her birthday. WC: 356
"I'm sure they didn't forget your birthday. They just didn't remember it right away."

"My Mother forgot my birthday!" Samantha glared at Jordan, "Every year, she tells me how many days she was in labor with me. You'd think that after such a horrid experience, she would at least remember the day of her relief."

"Well," Jordan hesitated when he noticed the look in Samantha's eyes. It was the same look his mother got when she was angry with his father. No matter what I say, Samantha will be angry with me for the rest of the day.

"Samantha," he grinned, "I remember that story from last year. I'm sure Aunt Sylvia said she was only in labor with you for eight hours."

"Don't call THAT WOMAN aunt. She's my mother, not your aunt. And, if she is your aunt, you can find somebody else to take to the prom, because I'm not going to date a cousin."

Jordan sighed, he had called Samantha's mother, and his mother's best friend, Aunt most of his life. Until now, Samantha had not objected. He knew he was in too deep now to do anything except retreat or buy Samantha chocolate. Maybe chocolate will change her mood, it always works for Dad.

"Samantha, why don't we drive over to Henderson. I'll take you to Ethel M's Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. You pick out the biggest box of chocolate you want, we'll sit in the cactus garden for the rest of the day, and I'll watch you eat the chocolate."

"Is that your idea of a birthday present?"

"No, I have your birthday present in my pocket. I wasn't going to give it to you until 3:30 pm."


"You did say that you were born at precisely 3:30 pm on January 24." He smiled weakly, "I want to wait until the precise moment you turn sixteen to give it to you."

"Oh, Jordan, you're so romantic. I'd love to go to Ethel M's with you."

Jordan escorted Samantha to his red classic 1962 Thunderbird Roadster convertible, lwhich his father had given him in December for his sixteen birthday.
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