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What comes out of a lost job? Love. That's what.
Prompt: Use these six words (meaningfully and bolded, but in any order): blue, highrise, salt, laughter, January, fired

It was a warm January in California. I was walking on the beach by myself, not even feeling lonely. I would have called my blue-eyed boyfriend, Tommy, but I didn't want to worry him. Not today. Not on our anniversary.

         Truth was, I had gotten fired from my high paying job as a cameraman at the local TV station, which means that if things get any worse, we wouldn't be able to afford our beautiful high-rise studio apartment anymore. And that would KILL Tommy. He loves that apartment almost as much as he loves me, and that is a BIG comparison.

         With these terrible thoughts, I sat down in the sand, and started to cry. The smell of the sea salt mixed with the smell of my tears was so overwhelming, that I wanted to vomit so bad. Then I heard him. "Why so blue, Starboy?" I looked up. Tommy had a concerned look on his face, his shining blue eyes still holding their diamond-like sparkle. I sniffled, and wiped my nose on my sleeve. Tommy sat down next to me, and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my cheek gently. "What's wrong?" He asked. I put my hands on my face and mumbled something. "What's that, baby?" I pulled my hands away from my face and sniffled again.
         "I got fired from my job."
         "Well, I hated your boss anyway."
         "Y-You're not mad?"
Tommy giggled "Of course not! Your boss was a jerk, anyway! She didn't understand that a cameraman could still be gay!"
         "But what about the apartment?"
Tommy put his hands on my face "If we lose it, we lose it. All that matters is that we still have each other." He kissed my forehead and wiped my tears with his thumb. I smiled, and hugged him. He then peppered my face with tiny, gentle kisses, making my laughter burst out of me, along with playful screeches. His laughter echoed with mine, and I couldn't help but feel happy again. We still have love out of a lost job, and that's all that mattered at that moment.

Tommy and I walked down the boardwalk on the beach, looking for a place to eat that was fancy enough. We found a nice place, and sat down to eat. I was still slightly freaking out about the loss of my job, but Tommy told me it would be okay. 'God, bless his heart.' I thought. When we finished eating, we headed down to the end of the pier, and we watched the brilliant sunset dance off of the blue water. "So. Three years, huh? That's a long time, especially for us." Tommy's voice had a dreamy twang to it. "Yeah. It has." I turned to him. "Tommy, I know that you're happy with me, and I want to keep it that way." I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a box. I dropped onto one knee. "Tommy, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" I opened the box. The ring was made of smooth iron with a heart etched into it. Tommy gasped and nodded, tears filling his eyes. I slipped the ring onto his finger, and stood up. He hugged me close, and pulled me into a heart warming kiss. This would forever be the day I remembered most for the rest of my life.

Weeks Later

         It was finally the day. Our wedding. I was standing in my tuxedo by the altar, waiting for it to start. I was sweating nervously, as I didn't want to screw it up. It was a small wedding. I invited a my friends, but only about four or five. Neither Tommy nor I dared to invite our family. I was wearing a pastel pink tank top that had a star print on it, and some white shorts. It wasn't traditional, no, but it was what I had that represented me. I didn't know what Tommy was wearing, though.
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