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Liberals who would vote for a liar and a thief.
What is this chatter, what does it matter?
Our new President is constantly maligned.
what can he do to please this shrieking
crowd? who are they; those screeching
protesters who continue to criticize?

Democrats or should I say Demorats?
They respect liars and crooks more than
men who do what they say they will do.
Promise them everything and give them
nothing is their policy.

Growing up in the fifties my whole family
belonged to the Democratic party. They
knew that the Democrats would fight for
the little guy. What happened to those
values? Who are these guys?

Hillary thinks all Americans are deplorable.
She and Bill(slick willy)have had their
hands in the pockets of Americans for years.
Scandal and accusation has been nipping at
their heels for as long as they have been in

the public eye. The Clintons have used their
position in public office to enhance their own
wealth. Pay to play, yes Hillary used her
position as Secretary of State to make deals
with people for direct access to our

government for personal gain. Who put the
Russian uranium deal together? My moneys
is on Hillary. With no thought of national
security she put our uranium in the hands of
our enemies for personal gain.

I get physically ill when I think about how close
Hillary came to being President of this great
country. Who are they, those that would vote
for a liar and a thief? What morals exist in the
hearts of these Democrats. Do they understand

what this country would be like without the
direction of the U. S. Constitution? America is
the greatest Country this world has ever known.
The Democratic party will not be satisfied until
America is like Europe; A socialistic society
plundered by all, and of help to no one.

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