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I am a raw, open wound
watch me tw it ch, and FLAIL madly and wildly, uncontrollably

s i a l
p r i

nothing matters, we are nil but infinitessimally irrelevant insignificant EVERYTHING matters!!!

ABSOLUTELY ALL OF IT! Every piece of every composition of every molecule, element, chemical, cell, fungi, plant, animal, human, A.I...

All of it matters, none of it does, and our failure to pull on that rope string, to believe with enough Faith! in our capacity to continue becoming something new in this world,
something more than but in addition to, not in place of, but BESIDE OF!

It can be our playground if we can move beyond the silly idea that we have to be in DESTRUCTIVE competition GENOCIDAL with each other, as if we are the best rivals we can aspire to challenge in an


that threatens to show us how truly and utterly insignificant we are and can be again at the mere whims of forces SOO terrifyingly UNDENIABLE that there must be some


in some way shape or form beyond our comprehension, imagination, choices? will?

What if God is our capacity to choose beyond our foolish self destructive ways and face the challenge of an overwhelmingly vast, powerful, destructive, overpowering opponent who has only allowed
us our survival for this long there by the grace of a mercy beyond our comprehension, which at any given moment may lose hope in us if we do not find it in ourselves, soon, please

whatever your faith may be, where ever it traces its roots from, we want to believe in something more Wonderful. Perhaps the more violent among us need convincing that we don't wish to eliminate
them as they have done to too many fellow humans. No, I for one wish to redirect their efforts towards humanities real opponent. Our Galaxy. Every day we waste diminishing each other is another day closer to our celestial luck running out and anything from a radiation wave to a stray 20 mile hunk of space debris hitting us and ending {The cute but brief existence of a "Supremacist!" but ultimately self destructive species of carbon based life that called itself 'homo-sapien'. So Sad! that they couldn't have sooner redirected their collective efforts towards more important, albeit boooring goals, like defence of their planet or interstellar travel and terra-forming. Ah well, they were fun to watch while they lasted, weren't they folks!? Tune in next geek when we revisit the timeless comedy, "Venus by Earth Apes". Have a great quark folks!}
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