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         Lying in a puddle of my own blood one day, I thought about the events that got me here, something that had bothered me for months. Let's think back to how it happened.
         I was twelve years old when I was taken. I woke up in the middle of what appeared to be a gym floor. Not knowing what was happening, I prepared for the worst.
         A middle aged man walked up to me and insisted I fallow him." I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where I am." I said in protest.
         "We can't discuss that here, please fallow me." The mysterious man pleaded.
         I slowly rose and fallowed. We walked into a giant room full of different electronic devices. I noticed there was a man twice my sixe when I entered, he grinned and started towards me. I had to force myself not to run. "I have a huge favor to ask you, Jake."
         "Don't you think its just a little rude to kidnap someone to ask them a favor." I replied, you could hear the irritation in me voice.
         "Sorry about that, we just couldn't risk anyone fallowing us." I tried to measure what he was capable of with my eyes, but I was able to figure him out.
         "Okay, what is your question?" I ask with extreme annoyance.
         "We know you are one of the most skilled hackers in the country." This comment took me by surprise; I didn't think anyone would think to see it was me. I tried to act stupid.
         "You have me confused with someone else, I am only twelve years old." I said, hoping they would believe me.
         "I know you're only twelve, that's what baffles me."
         "Get to the point."
         "Okay, my point is we need you to hack into the pentagon so we can recover some files."
         "You've lost your mind, why would I help the people who kidnapped me?"
         "Because we said you are!" the shorter of the two blurted out. Not even two minutes later the middle-aged man entered the room and sat in front of me. I still wasn't sure why I was here
         " We are truly sorry about kidnapping you, but I didn't have a choice."
         "Okay apology excepted however, if you don't get your goons out of here I am done talking." The man ordered the other two to exit the room. After the others left, the man spoke again. "Jake, my name is Jason Brown and I work for the rebellion."
         "Okay Jason what does any of this have to so with me?"
         "Like my buddy said, we know you are the best hacker in the country."
         After almost an hour of questions from each of us, I decided to help out. We worked on hacking for four and a half days. I was completely exhausted, when my computer went off. I did it; I successfully hacked into the pentagon. After Jason got what he needed, he drove me home. Once we pulled up to my house, Jason asked, "Are your parents home?"
         "No they died two years ago fighting with the rebels." I said
         "If you ever need anything let me know." He said than, handed me his card.
         A couple days later, walking to school I saw the FBI standing outside the building. I knew they where here for me so, I dipped through an alley. One of the men saw me and started running after me. I ran for almost four blocks then saw my saving grace. I saw Jason's truck in a parking lot. I snuck in the back seat so the agent wouldn't see me. Once Jason got in and took off, I sat up and said, "That was a close call."
         "Don't do that, you scared the crap out of me!" Jason yelled, you could hear the fear in his voice.
         After I told him what happened, ha said I didn't need to stay home and to me to a remote location.
         After four month in hiding, they finally found me. When they knocked on the door, I took off out the back. I ran for about two hundred yards then I hit the ground. I had been shot in the chest. I laid there helpless, until I finally bled out.

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