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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2149198
Wishes gone badly and beauty that burns
Who doesn't love a Scaerie Tale?

On a dark, moonlit night, a Faerie woman approached a newly wed man. His union had been arranged but it was not loveless. Still he longed for something more. He cared for her to much to say so, but she knew something was troubling him.

The Faerie woman told him she could grant him his wish but it would come at a cost, but that his wife could be beautiful. She cautioned that magic always came with additional costs but the man scarcely heard her. He consulted his bride. His bride wanted very much to please her husband so agreed to the terms and a deal was made.

"In the morning, she will be beautiful to your eyes", the Faerie promised and departed into the thick forest.

The next morning, she was indeed the loveliest lady he had ever seen. So eager was he to show off his beautiful wife that they went out to celebrate. When they arrived in town, women shuddered at the sight of her and men turned away their eyes. Her new beauty was both a blessing and a curse, while beautiful to him, she was monstrous to everyone else.

She wept and called for the stranger to return. Her husband hired men to search for the Faerie, to no avail. For seven years this went on, while her beauty didn't fade, her happiness wilted and her husband was at his wits end.

On the seventh anniversary of that fateful night, the Faerie reappeared at their door step. She offered a bargain, for more coin and a kiss, the husband could assume the curse in his wifes' stead, but this was a limited time offer.

The husbands' relief quickly turned to horror. His beautiful wife stared at him expectantly. The faerie gave the man a cruel, crooked smile "you will be so handsome", she said in a sharp, clear, rushed voice. "So, what will it be? Your wife looks impatient and you only have one chance at this" she almost sang the word. "And my wife?" he inquired. "She will be what she was before" the Faerie assured him.

He accepted the deal and sealed it with a kiss. His wife burst into tears, grateful, she knew now that he loved her above all else. The truth was less flattering, he was simply tired of her weeping.

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