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A dress code protest
Beginning today, Monday, March 26, all the teenage boys at the West Waverly Middle and High school are wearing skirts in protest of the new dress code. The new dress code was implemented last week, as a result of one of the football players, Mr Shamus O'Leary, wearing a kilt to school for the Saint Patrick's Day celebration on, March 16. His homeroom instructor, Ms Amanda Jones, sent him to the principle's office because she felt that a kilt was not the proper attire for a boy at West Waverly high school. Principle Concobhar MacDonald, even though he is of Irish and Scottish descent, agreed with Ms Jones. Mr. MacDonald expelled Mr. O'Leary for two weeks.

Mr. O'Leary's parents, their lawyer, Mr. Mathew Johnson, came to the school on March 19. They brought with them a copy of the old dress code, which did not forbid students to wear their native attire on special occasions, and proof the their son had the right to wear the O'Leary Tartans. Mr. O'Leary was admitted back into the classroom, however, Mr. MacDonald immediately changed the dress code. This sudden change of the dress code caused a protest of parents, who were ignored. The students than decided to implement their own protests. The boys decided to wear skirts, instead of going to school nude. The girls are backing the boys, and helping them to coordinate and properly accessorize their outfits.

I asked Mr. MacDonald and Ms Jones to comment on this protest, but they refused. They stated that both their lawyers and the West Waverly school board has told them to remain silent on this issue.

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