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I wanted to stop her from getting the blues! Dialogue only story for CRAMP.




"Why did you bring me along?"

"Because it's fun to shop with you. And you have good taste."

"Then my good taste says NO."

"But this saree is good! It's so pretty!"

"And it's turquoise."

"Lovely, lovely turquoise. What do you have against turquoise?"

"My dear girl, have you looked in your closet lately?"

"Yes, this morning when I chose what to wear ..."

"And have you realised how many blue sarees you have already? You have four Aqua, two Cobalt, about twenty Baby blue, two Navy blue,"

"Not TWENTY. I have less than half-a-dozen baby blue. And this is turquoise. I don't have turquoise."

"There are other colours in the world. Red. Yellow."

"Ohhhhh --- look. This Teal one is just ... just ..."

"Perfect. For somebody else. Here. Come this way and look at this beautiful shocking-pink one. It'll be great for that reception thingie you're attending."

"Did you see the Indigo one right next to it?"

"No I did not. You're buying the shocking-pink one."

"I'm buying the turquoise one. Look, there's a sky blue ..."

"Buy the shocking-pink and let's get out of here."

"Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I'm hungry. You promised we'd go for food."

"Yes. What do you want to eat?"


"We had pizza yesterday. And the day-before."

"Yesterday was thin-crust. Day before doesn't count as pizza, it was home-made, on roti base. I want to try the new thick-cheesy-crust ..."

"You want pizza after pizza and pizza."

"It's not LIKE that. You don't understand the nuances."

"I do. It's the same as the nuances between baby-blue and turquoise."

"Come to think of it, that turquoise is perfect. Now can we go get pizza?"
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