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Insight on Love
Love is a weird and awesome feeling that all of us want to experience. Love is what we strive for in life and what we all want to know first hand what it is. Love is very powerful just like hate or compassion. Some of us go our whole live trying to experience love and some of us might think we found love but it could just be puppy love because you don't really know how to love. Can people really say they have experienced love? Can people really say that they know what love is?
Love is a peculiar feeling that lives inside our hearts. Love is something that we can't explain it yet we know love is out there because of our love for our parents or our love for family. Loving someone is like having another soul that you spend your life with. Some say they know what love is at an early age because they have experienced something with a girlfriend or boyfriend, but that could just be puppy love or just them liking each other. Loving someone is hard at times because we want them to have your full undivided attention and you want them to love you as much as you love them. Sometimes love doesn't always workout unless you find the one you are supposed to love.
Finding someone to share your love and to share your compassion is hard in this world. Everyone has been grown into different beliefs and into different customs. Some of us have the same beliefs as others but we still can't find the one. Some say you got to wait and let life take you to your loved one and to the road of success but we always try and stray away from that. We hardly ever wait for the one to come to us we just think we know what we are doing and go out to find love. Finding someone is what some people base there whole life off of. We never truly wait for our loved one and we never truly wait to see what will happen.
We can never truly know what love is until we experience the one true love of our soulmate. The one who will love us for who we are and not back down from it. The one who can make our world spin, and make butterflies appear in your stomach when you kiss them, or even falling in love with them again and again just by looking at them every single day. That love is what we strive for in our very essence of life. That love is what we want throughout our life and that love, will find us when we are ready.
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