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A peek at the invincibility of youth.
Once when I was younger and invincible as hell
I met a man who'd done his time, and he had done it well.
He needed no reminder that the reaper stalked his path
His four score years and then some, had shown him nature's wrath

He offered no regrets at all for his misguided youth
And told me of his arrogance, his rudeness and uncouth
But now he saw that dust to dust was close upon his heels
And tried to pass the word along of just how sad that feels

In those days of my ignorance, I failed to catch the drift
Our perch upon the hill of life left far too large a rift
Now, my four score has also gone; I feel the reapers breath
And recognize my friends resign at his approaching death

Thank you for reminding me of those days long ago
And of a man who tried to tell me what I didn't know
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