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what lesson can you learn from this?
YPrompt#1-Your walking home one day when suddenly out of nowhere you hear a sound coming from an alleyway. You follow the sound and find a little girl lying in the snow...but is she really just a little girl?

The streets of the city are crowded, filled with people oblivious to their surroundings, or for that matter other peoples safety or concerns. They push past you, shoving you from one side of the sidewalk to the other. Try as hard as you may you just aren't making any headway in making your way through the streets. Between the people pushing you one way then the other, and the biting cold wind that has picked up you get frustrated after about ten minutes and decide, rather hastily, to try a shortcut down a less busy, in fact, completely empty alleyway.
Few people go this way due to the snow which had been piled up across the entrance way to the alleyway, forcing you to climb up and over the snowbank. You fight your way up one side, only to slide, or rather almost fall down the other side of the once loose snow bank that has long since hardened into a block of solid ice.
“I hate the city,” you mutter to yourself as you brush the clingy bits of snow from your suit pants and jacket after standing back up on unstable snow.
Just as you finish brushing the snow off, you pause as you hear the sound of sobbing coming from the back of the alleyway. You try to ignore it, pretending as most would that it just doesn't exist. But the more you try to ignore this sound, the more clearly you hear it, and the louder it becomes until it becomes so loud that ignorance is no longer something you are able to do
As the sound has gotten so loud, it actually hurts, you plug your ears with your hands, and begin to walk down the alleyway to see where the source of the sound was. It didn't take long before you find out that the closer to the source you go, the softer the sound gets, until you round the corner and find the alleyway deserted of all life, except one little girl who is kneeling down in the falling snow with her back to you.
You stop dead in your tracks, this really looks so much like a setup, so for your safety, you look around to see where the other people were that were obviously working with her. But a quick scan of the area reveals that there is nowhere that anybody could hide, no ladders to climb on, fire escapes, hidden doors, or other places someone could hide.
“Hmm,” you think to yourself,” This looks like it could be safe enough.”
You start slowly inching towards the little girl kneeling in the snow.
“Ummm...Little girl,” you say softly at first but repeat it this time a bit louder as you get closer,” Little girl are you in some sort of trouble?”
“No,” a voice whispers back.,
You stop dead in your tracks in fear because the voice made all of your hair stand up on end.
“L-ll-little girl, you said you are in trouble?” You slowly but softly ask as you stand still out of pure fear.
“No,” the voice said then it paused a second, “ but you are.”
“What?” you ask just as the little girl turns and looks at you with her blood red eyes, and a mouth full of very sharp fangs.
With an amount of unknown strength, the “little girl” lunged at you, once she landed on you she dug those sharp teeth deep into your soft pink flesh, and you tried to fight it off, and suddenly screamed in agony. You fell over onto your back, but the louder you screamed the more everybody ignored you.
Shortly thereafter the screams subsided, and life went on as it did before leaving behind your briefcase and your jackets but nothing else of you was ever found in that alleyway. Did you get the moral of this story? Do not take shortcuts, nor try to help strange kids who appear in distress.

Word count:710
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