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The meeting
As we drove down the dirt path I tried to recognize the area we were in. I looked around at the trees and landscape and came to the conclusion that I had never been here before. The psycho was driving the other car that used to belong to the Brit. I tried to start up a conversation with the man that had not spoken yet. I said "Why have you taken me?", no answer.

Then the man said something "We found your body washed up on the waterfall drop pool shore, Rusty said to take you and load in the plane. That you'd be useful or something.". This man spoke with not a shrill in his voice just a strong generic smooth American accent with just a small rumble to it. So then I asked "Is Rusty the freak?". The man responded with a slight chuckle "You'd be correct".

"So what is your name and what is Algardeon?" I said. He responded "My name is Ronald, and Algardeon is a mythical Kingdom said to carry vast knowledge and vast riches as bountiful as man can dream.". He paused for a moment and said "To bad it's the stuff of legend, Cicerci and Rusty believe the Kingdom of Algardeon lies just over the eastern mountains. I think they're nuts".

We pulled up to a concealed Cabin covered in dead ivy. Ronald exited the vehicle and opened the back doors pulling me out of the back of the van. Shortly after Rusty pulled up in the other car. He continued to light a cigarette and whistle a joyful tune. A man who had just shot a man for being annoying was disturbingly joyous.

Ronald continued to walk me in to see Cicerci who I still had no idea was and why I needed to see him. I caught one more glimpse of Rusty standing staring at the mountains to the east just as Ronald was talking about. The door creaked open and we entered the one room dimly lit cabin. I saw a rough looking old Italian man sitting at a broken down desk and smoking a cigar. He looked to be about 80 years old, roughly. He was hairless on the top but had long curly white hair on the sides. He had squinted eyes like he was trying to look at something and had a bushy white moustache.

"Ahh Louis the Great" he said in an old Italian voice and sarcastically joyous. "Do you have my key?" he said to me. I responded "Sir, I do not know what this key is that you speak of I have never heard of Algardeon either". "Hm, I see you aren't complying with my demands!". "No I just do not know what you are talking about and I still don't even no where I am". Cicerci leaned back in his chair staring at me with defeat in his squinted eyes. He took a long sigh and called for Rusty to come in. "I thought you told me this man held the key to Algardeon". Rusty responded without hesitancy "The key to Algardeon is not physical it is in this man's mind and we just need him to tell us how to unlock the gates to the map of Algardeon". "Very well lock him away for the night he will have an early rise tomorrow, we will get that key." Cicerci said and so what followed was a sleepless night.
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