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Rated: E · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2152587
Filling in blanks?
That night I was thrown in a broken down shed and chained by my feet to a brick wall so I did not run away. Rusty had chained me up with much anger and physicality. I heard some yelling between Cicerci and Rusty about this key that I supposedly had. The night was cold and black it was also eerily quiet. They had only given me a thin blanket to keep warm I would say the temperature was about 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

I began to think back into my deepest thoughts about any such key that I had heard about. I could not come up with any ideas of why I would know about this key and why I would even have it. The one question I was really asking the most was how did these people know who I was. I have never met a Cicerci a Rusty or a Ronald. I was most worried about my meeting with Cicerci in the morning and what they would have me do.

Then I began to dream of home... about my house. The beautiful small conspicuous brick house that lay on the small street of Willingsbury in Saxonburg, Pa. My house was the only one left on the tiny one way street all the others had been torn down. As I was in this thought I had a startling realization, there was not a beach anything like the one I was on when I woke up. Ronald had also mentioned a plane I recall no plane was in sight on that beach. So how in the world had they gotten me in this odd area?

Why did they never tell me where I was either. Also something about the eastern mountains I had never seen mountains like the ones to the east. They were a humongous chain of vibrantly green mountains that reached the clouds and beyond they had to be the highest mountains I had ever seen. These mountains were so large that I don't believe planes would be able to fly around them. From what I remember Is that these mountains looked like they bended like a circle or a type of barrier. So could there really be a Kingdom called Algardeon.

I remember as a child we would learn about the legendary civilization at El Dorado. As legend has it when the Spanish reached the Americas they had heard stories of this city high in the Andes mountains but never found it or it didn't exist. The reason I recall this memory is I believe this very similar to the stories of Algardeon. Soon my thoughts began to wander again about my home town just outside of Pittsburgh.

Soon the sun peaked over the horizon and Ronald came around back and yawned very loudly. He opened the door and started unlocking my chains. I had no intentions of running away mainly because I had no idea where I was. Ronald did his job silently and didn't say a single word. he brought me around to the front where there was three new cars all black SUV's with tinted windows just as Rusty's car was. I began to start getting the chills and getting scared.

When Ronald swung the door open there were four guys sitting around the desk of Cicerci with a seat right in the middle. I assumed the seat in the middle of the four guys was mine and I was correct. Rusty stood next to Cicerci on his left and left and Ronald took his spot on the right side of Cicerci. Once everyone was settled Cicerci cleared his throat and began saying "Gentlemen we are all commenced here today for one thing. That thing is to complete the key to Algardeon.". I then saw behind Cicerci was a large map with many markings on it I then got a this icky feeling in my stomach and threw up.
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