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This poem describes the life of a believer and the freedom there is in serving Him (God)
What does it mean to be holy before thee
Humbled and on fire for the Lord you see
Saved, born again, alive, and the Lord within me
Righteous and of faith like we are supposed to be

We are a family so close together like white on rice
This deed was done by our faithful Lord Jesus Christ
We continue to follow Him and we do not ask why
Because the life we once lived did make us cry

We have been made whole and do also appear blameless
No spots, no blemishes, and completely stainless
That is what He requires it is what He wants for us
We do His will we do not argue nor do we fuss

We are unto a seed incorruptible we know
That is why we stay away from things that get us into trouble
We speak new life and flee from the past
We have a new journey now but this one will last

Be holy as our God is holy
We have to do what we are told
We are to follow in His footsteps
So that our blessing cease to fold

We had to change our lives and change it completely
We are kept by the power of God
And we say One day
He will come to meet me

The body of Christ I believe will be ready
We live one day at a time and we keep it steady
We know we have no more moments at least none to waste
Because God loves us He gives us a great chase

Our lives are no longer our own
We gave God the key
Throughout this life and even after it
We will always remain free

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