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This document contains goals for the week. I'll edit it each week, with new goals.
Goal for August 1-7, 2020
Posted in "Weekly Goals

A Priorities

*BoxCheckB* August 5 Fantasy Newsletter Editors Picks Submitted August 2, 2020
*BoxCheckR* "Promptly Poetry Challenge "Poem Experiments
         Week 10 "PPC Week 10: A Cat Speaks to Her Human
*Box* "30-Day Blogging Challenge in "I Blog Poetry and Prose
         August 1 "Day 1: Food and Kayaking Fun in Antarctica
         August 2 "Day 2: Antarctica Zociac Cruise
         August 3 "Day 3: Visiting The Most Beautiful temple in Australia
         August 4 "Day 4: Exciting things to see and eat in Australia
         August 5 "Day 5: Outback, Australia and Opals
         August 6
         August 7
*Box* Review between 14 and 21 items
         1 + 2
*Box* Other Contests Entered
*Box* 33, and 34 "I Write in 2020
         Week 33 "30-Day Blogging Challenge "Day 5: Outback, Australia and Opals in "I Blog Poetry and Prose Review of "Fixin'"
         Week 34
*Box* "Oriental Poetry Contest
*Box* "The Contest Challenge
*Box* Clean out WDC inbox
*Box* "The Prompt Me Contest


*Box* "The Contest Challenge
*Box* Finish, at least, 1 of the 5 poems by March 21, 2020 in "Bicentenary Poems and Prose for the celebration of the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab.
*Box* Call TransUnion find out what address they have for me
*Box* Call Equifax find out what address they have for me
*Box* Access DMV and change address.
*Box* Do survey in either Survey Junkie or Vindale Research
         Survey Junkie
         Vindale Research

B Priorities

*Box* "The Contest Challenge
*Box* Call Paratransit to go for Senior Commodities
*Box* Submit to the following contests
         "Oriental Poetry Contest
         "The Prompt Me Contest
*Box* Respond to "Closed - MHWA Retreat Topic of the Week.
*Box* Work on one of my upcoming Newsletters.
         *BulletV* Mar 11, 2020 Deadline: March 9, 2020Spiritual Editing
         *BulletBr* Mar 18, 2020 Deadline: March 16, 2020 Fantasy Editing
         *BulletBr* Apr 8, 2020 Spiritual
         *BulletO* Apr 15, 2020 Fantasy
*Box* Post at least 5 entries to Poet999 - A Butterfly Emerges From Her Cocoon  .

C Priorities

*Box* Transfer between three and six hard copy poems to the following books, three days a week..
         *BulletBr* "Poem Experiments
         *BulletGr* "Devotional Poetry
         *BulletO* "Memories of Snow
         *BulletV* "Flashes of Inspiration
         *BulletP* "Dreams of Snow
         *BulletB* "Zodiac Signs: Stories and Poems
*Box* Add, at least, one new poem to one of the following.
         *BulletV* "Bicentenary Poems and Prose
         *BulletB* "The History of the Divine Feminine

D Prioritiess

Upcoming Newsletters:
(Publication Date and Newsletter Name

         Jul 1, 2020          Spiritual
         Jul 8, 2020          Fantasy
         Jul 29, 2020          Spiritual
         Aug 5, 2020          Fantasy
         Aug 26, 2020          Spiritual
         Sep 2, 2020          Fantasy
         Sep 23, 2020          Spiritual
         Sep 30, 2020          Fantasy
         Oct 21, 2020          Spiritual
         Oct 28, 2020          Fantasy
         Nov 18, 2020          Spiritual
         Nov 25, 2020          Fantasy
         Dec 16, 2020          Spiritual
         Dec 23, 2020          Fantasy
         Jan 13, 2021          Spiritual
         Jan 20, 2021          Fantasy
         Feb 10, 2021          Spiritual
         Feb 17, 2021          Fantasy

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