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This document contains goals for the week. I'll edit it each week, with new goals.
Goal for January 16-22, 2021
Posted in "Weekly Goals

*BoxCheckB* "Dear Me: Official WDC Contest Edited and Submitted 1/17/21
*BoxCheckR* "The Contest Challenge
         Contest "The Lighthouse Short Story Contest
*Box* "I Write In 2021
         Week 4
*Box* "Promptly Poetry Challenge "Poem Experiments
         Week 34
*Box* review at least 7 per week
         1 + 1 +
*Box* "30-Day Blogging Challenge for January
         Days submitted so far = 10 + 5 = 15
*Box* "The Prompt Me Contest
         January Story
*Box* Poetry contest to be decided on
*Box* Story or poetry contest to be decided on
*Box* Finish entries in on or before March 20, 2021
         *Box* "Epistles From My Soul
                   "Dear G.N. (Word Count = 1,441 + 37,530 = 38,971)
*Box* Working on Fantasy Newsletter for January 2021 Editor's Picks *CheckGr*
*Box* Reading Call to Remembrance
         Pages 1-8, 9-15, 16-28,
*Box* Read: https://bahaiteachings.org/series/the-universal-emancipation-proclamation/page/4...
         Part 1,

*Box* Tablets of the Lord of Host
*Box* The Hidden Words https://bahaiteachings.org/series/unearthing-the-hidden-words
*Box* Feb 10, 2021          Spiritual
*Box* Feb 17, 2021          Fantasy
*Box* Survey Junkie
*Box* Inbox Dollars
*Box* Clean out WDC inbox
*Box* Books
         *BulletBr* "Poem Experiments
         *BulletGr* "Devotional Poetry
         *BulletO* "Memories of Snow
         *BulletV* "Flashes of Inspiration
         *BulletP* "Dreams of Snow
         *BulletB* "Zodiac Signs: Stories and Poems
         *BulletV* "Bicentenary Poems and Prose
         *BulletB* "The History of the Divine Feminine

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