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Because sometimes I need to break writers' block.
Themes and ideas for Poems and blog entries
Because sometimes I need to break writers' block.

The Hidden Words https://bahaiteachings.org/series/unearthing-the-hidden-words/
Explanation of the Symbol of the Greatest Name https://www.bahai-library.com/faizi_symbol_greatest_name
Virtues Definitions https://www.virtuesproject.com/virtues-definitions-1

Who is Baha'u'llah?

The Manifestation of God for today
The Return of the Spirit of Christ
The Day star of the universe
The Pen of the Most High
The Speaker on Sinai
The Blessed Beauty
The King of kings
The Fifth Buddha
The Most Great Name
The Return of Lord Krishna
The Founder of the Baha'i Faith
The Glory of God
Scriptures quoted in pamphlet "The Baha'i Faith"

*BulletBr* 52 Virtues: assertiveness, caring, cleanliness, commitment, compassion, confidence, consideration, cooperation, courage, courtesy, creativity, detachment, determination, diligence, enthusiasm, excellence, flexibility, forgiveness, friendliness, generosity, gentleness, helpfulness, honesty, honor, humility, idealism, integrity, joyfulness, justice, kindness, love, loyalty, moderation, modesty, orderliness, patience, peacefulness, perseverance, purposefulness, reliability, respect, responsibility, self-discipline, service, tact, thankfulness, tolerance, trust, trustworthiness, truthfulness, understanding, unity.

*BulletBr* Divine Attribute Names of Baha'i months:Splendour (glory, light, excellence), Glory (majesty), Beauty (charm), Grandeur (glory, majesty, dominion, greatness), Light (radiance, brightness, splendour, effulgence, illumination), Mercy (blessing, grace, favour, loving kindness, providence, compassion), Words (utterance, the word of God), Perfection (excellence, fullness, consummation, maturity), Names (titles, attributes, designations), Might (glory, power, exaltation, honour, majesty, grandeur, strength, sovereignty, magnificence), Will (purpose, the primal will, the will of God), Knowledge (wisdom, divine knowledge, revelation), Power (might, authority, dominion, celestial might, omnipotence, transcendent power, indomitable strength, all-pervading power, ascendancy, divine power), Speech (words, testimony), Questions (principles, truths, matters, mysteries, subtleties, obscurities, intricacies, problems), Honour (excellence, glory), Sovereignty (king, lord, majesty, sovereign, monarch, authority, potency, the power of sovereignty, the all-possessing, the most potent of rulers), Dominion (sovereignty, kingdom, realm, universe), and Loftiness (glory)

*BulletBr* Divine Attributes Names of Baha'i Week Days: Glory, Beauty, Perfection, Grace, Justice, Majesty, and Independence.

Themes Used:
Theme, Date Used, and entry# or item#

*BoxCheckB* Splendour (glory, light, excellence), March 21, 2018, "Midweek Reflection on Naw-Ruz.
*BoxCheckR* Glory (majesty), April 13, 2018, "Meditation on Glory
*BoxCheck* Grace, April 17, 2018 "Meditation on Grace
*BoxCheckR* Independence, April 27, 2018 "Prayer of Gratitude for Independence
*BoxCheckB* Grandeur (glory, majesty, dominion, greatness) "Grandeur's Meditation
*BoxCheckR* Names (titles, attributes, designations) July 23, 2018 "Names - Attribute of God
*BoxCheck* Beauty (charm) August 5, 2018 "Contemplating Beauty
*BoxCheckR* Will (purpose, the primal will, the will of God) September 27, 2018"First entry is this blog: First Day of Mashíyyat 175 B.E.
*BoxCheckB* Kindness "Acts of Kindness
*BoxCheckR* Tolerance "International Day for Tolerance

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For all lovers of Baha who are in chains everywhere.
Baha’u'llah instructs that believers must detach themselves and recite this prayer .
He is, in truth, the Omnipotent, the Unconstrained! O Lord of Names and Fashioner of the Heavens!
Free Thy lovers from the prison of the enemy. Verily, Thou art the Sovereign Ordainer of Thine irrevocable decree. He who alone shineth resplendent on the horizon of creation. O Everlasting Root! By the life of the All-Glorious, deprive them not of hope, nay rather aid and assist them. Verily, Thou rulest as Thou pleasest and within Thy grasp lie the kingdoms of creation. The fangs of Thine enemies have been whetted, ready to bite into the flesh of Thy lovers.
Protect these companions, O Thou Who rulest over all humankind and art the Judge on the Day of Judgement.

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