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Poetry of random stuff
In December the snow muffles the world. It talks in soft, imploring whispers, telling the animals and trees to relax, relax, sleep.
In December, the light is hushed and waits for you with open arms.
December hosts a different kind of beauty then in the sun months, when it is loud and cheerful and lazy, with bright colors popping around every corner. It is soft, white, and subtle in December, but it is there, enveloped in white.
It makes you appreciate the little color that is left, the little berries, a golden fire, the big deep green pine trees bowing down to the winter.
December lets you tap into the life all around you, so you know, that even when the blue-gray dusk closes in on you, you know that you’re not alone.
The never ending low, thick cloud that covers the forest invites you to just sit and listen to the silence, until you realize that it isn’t silent anymore. The birds calling to one another in the welcoming gloom, the rustle of papery branches as a squirrel races past, the owls inquiring their lonely questions to the dark, the steady plopping of the water sliding off the evergreen bow into the snow in the warm glow of your lantern.
December makes the Earth turn alien.
But slowly, slowly, the grass grows green, and the fog lifts, as we pass from one world to another.
And as the last bit of snow melts… you remember December.

Imaginary Monster
My imaginary monster has a stripy nose.
Three eyes and layers of fur, it grows.
Tiny little feet
And a tail so petite
He sits on the end of my toes.

Dragon Dance
I spent all night wishing for dragons
I woke up and found them in the yard
Dancing for hours, never tiring, never stopping
Loop, swirl, swish, dip
Buzz, zoom, flick, flip
By mid afternoon I’m deciding
I don’t need dragons anymore

Summer Sun
Manages to touch
Every leaf
Every blade
Metal and concrete are worst
Even looking out my window I melt
Shadows short
Shadows tall
Yellow yellow butter
Cream yet crisp
Apples when the air is fresh
Timeless days when the sky is cloudless
At evening a
Cacophony of colors
At night
Blue relief
Because there is such a thing as

Little Blue gets hand-me-down sun light from Tall Green and Wide Green
Against them, Little Blue is outlined whitish blue
The Greens are bigger, and better too
Sunny maple is his only friend, but she can’t reach him, can’t lend a hand for the wind is silent today

I drew a dog.
It was a cat.
I drew a pirate.
It was an astronaut.
I drew a lollypop.
It was an alien.
I drew a dragon.
It was a hedgehog.
I drew a newt.
It was an ice cream sundae.
My mom said I’ll be a great artist one day, because I drew such a great cat, astronaut, alien, hedgehog, and ice cream sundae.
I don’t think she quite gets it.

I picked up my pencil and wrote
Things that one day people would quote
I picked up my pencil and drew
Things that one day would be a statue
I picked up my pencil and recorded
Things that people will be with accorded
I picked up my pencil and composed
Things that never would be opposed
I picked up my pencil and signed
Forms that never would be declined
I picked up my pencil and dreamed
Of me being famous, and beamed

Star souls
I am in fact aware
That I am the only one here
Who believes.
Who believes they watch
At night
Without eyes
Some may call me a hippie but
I prefer atheist
Because they’re out there, inevitably,
And most people just can’t admit
Their little star souls
Are kinder than ours.

So many songs
There are too many gosh dang songs about fake truths.
I hate it when people think catchy is good.
But there are too many songs of girls partying and being “free.”

Math is symbols, math is numbers
Math sorts money, math reads thunder
Math dictates all information,
Mostly using graphs’ configurations
Learning math does help with whatnot
But don’t cram your brain
‘Cause there’s a lot
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