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by DylanB
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2153554
I gave this to my therapist, she wanted me to write how I felt, well this is the outcome.
It was Monday, and Dylan was sitting in his room listening to his favorite band, Black Veil Brides. Dylan thought he would message his best-friend, Darrell, as he was feeling alone, stressed and depressed, when he saw that Darrell read the message and did not reply, Dylan began to sob. It had been like this for a few weeks, his only friend not wanting to know him or how he was doing. He didn't even want to stay over for the night, because how Darrell put in his excuse, "there might be terrorist attacks." Dylan started putting up statuses on his Facebook about how best friends should not be trusted, and how best friends are lying, inconsiderate pricks. No one bothered to comment, no one seemed like they cared, not even Darrell, or his other friend, Katy.

He decided to make a plan to go on a shooting spree at the group they all go to, on a Wednesday. Dylan didn't need friends, he didn't need no-one, because one way or another, either he would be dead, or they would be dead. Dylan started detailing out the plans on his computer, in notebooks, in drawings.

By Tuesday, Dylan was all prepared, he had his dad's gun, and extra ammunition. He skipped school and waited for his little 'Judgement Day'. As soon as Wednesday afternoon came by, he was nervous, his hands shaking, tapping his foot on the floor, as he waited to leave.

At half past four, he got up, grabbed the gun, the backpack with the ammunition inside and walked out of the door and got into the taxi. It started raining as he was being driven to the group, he smirked as they pulled up to the entrance.

He ran out and went around the corner, he loaded the gun and cocked it. Grabbed his bag and headed inside. He could hear the laughter coming from the room as he slowly walked down the corridor. Dylan hid the gun in his hoodie and entered the room. They all smiled at him and said 'Hi', except Darrell and Katy, they just stared at him, scared to move. Dylan put his bag down by his side and pulled the gun out of his hoodie and aimed it at Tom, and shot him in the face, blood splattering everywhere. He looked at the others and smiled, "I wouldn't run if I were you", he then cocked the gun again and shot at Darrell, he slumped on his chair and clutching his chest where the bullet had gone through, trying to breath.

Dylan started shooting at Katy and the others at the group, killing them all and laughing as he watched them all die, one by one. He got a drink from the fridge, blood splattered all over his face and neck, and sat down and started drinking, smiling. After he had finished his drink, he put one more cold, golden bullet into his gun, cocked it and shot himself in the head. When the police arrived, they found Dylan dead, with a big smile on his face.
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