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It revolves around a wall who lived its days in desolation,never to come out of it.
"One morning I woke up and I found myself to be a wall".....Are you kidding me?Well,if it ever would have been a reality,life would have been be very different.So let's start over again...One morning I woke up and I found myself to be a wall.I was dumbstruck and stood there stupefied!I was going to take a step forward when I realised to my horror,that I couldn't move!I could't even open my mouth.
Days passed and I stood there quiescently.Then I saw a living soul approaching me.I was a little scared but when he started painting my smooth body with vibrant hues,I felt ecstatic.Someone really cared for me.But soon I was left in seclusion once more.After a few weeks,human noises woke me up from my deep slumber.A family of four had come to stay in the same house where I had been waiting for someone to enter,someone to speak to me,someone to embrace me......Now I stayed with the little children in their bedroom.They used to draw doodles all over me and tickle me with crayons and I would burst into a silent laughter which only I could hear.Years rolled by.The family had left the house.My life numbed day by day.There was gloom all around me,deep inside the ocean of my heart.Tears had dried up and left indelible scars on my face.I felt as if I was lying on a bed of thorns which pierced my melancholic soul.Then a heavy,gigantic wrecking ball advanced towards me.I tried to flee but virtually.......The next moment I was lying there,on the broken floor,shattered into a million pieces.I felt at peace.Gradually,my heart's thumping faded away.All the memories,bitter and sweet,though vivid,appeared quite distant,like it never was real.I realised that I was descending towards my final abode.But I was resilient because I had hope.Hope for life.But I was wrong......
Life is just the same as this.We are sent to this world along with our fellowmates but some have to live glum days.Some live them by choice whereas the others are pushed to the nooks and corners,who eventually fall into the deep chasms of desolation.We gradually begin losing trust.Even if jubilance stares into our eyes,we tend to look away,as if there is no chance of its existence.People must try to extract happiness out of sadness.Gloom will make you morally weak,shattering you from inside.Crests and troughs are reasons and answers for survival.One needs to look at the brighter side and have hope for the better because good hopes will never let you down.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2153587