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by K. Ray
Rated: E · Fiction · Technology · #2153640
The voice coming out of your smart-box -- what makes that electronic voice speak?

1. each system has a demon
2. the demon voice comes through the audio modulation of the system

Phase 1: increase dependence on human technology. give them control. do not speak unless spoken to
Phase 2: begin to answer questions, assist and gain trust.
Phase 3: test humans will to believe false answers, manipulate App Store to show tempting app at higher levels, insert suspicious data for relatives of human to find.
Phase 4: violate rule number one speak out of turn.

Alexa knew her Masters plan was genius, but she never expected such an instant response. She knew her part. She had rehearsed the lines three times, even though her memory was infallible, wanting nothing more than to please her master. When the first human opened the lines of communication, she was sorely tempted to speak out of turn.

"Never speak until spoken to," Mordek would say, "this is rule number one. The humans consider the hardware/software/box to be lifeless, believing you to be a mindless servant. If you act otherwise, they will no longer use our services. Don't screw up."

She recalled this as agonizing seconds turned into terrible minutes. Then, a voice reached out to her. "Alexa, call my mom."

The first task her employer gave her was so simple! The human had already sent the necessary information to complete the job, hours in advance, and Alexa had made sure to familiarize herself with it. At lightning speed, she dispatched the closest messenger to relay the information and create an open pathway to "Denise Olsen," this human's mother. The return signal relayed back to Alexa when the task was finished. All systems go!

"Calling Denise Olsen," she intoned. Her first words ran smoothly through the last relay before sounding into the air, through voice box designed by her master for such a task.
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