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This year is the first time in personal memory that Easter is on April Fool's Day.
Some say I'm foolish to believe
that Jesus died and rose,
But truest fool will not receive
the Gospel that he knows.

2000 years ago or more
the purest man to live
As God Incarnate stood before
a man, who'd judgment give.

"You say you're God? A foolish claim
for all the Romans know
"That God is Caesar, one the same.
None else can be, I trow."

That man condemned the guiltless One,
Who'd never done a wrong.
He crucified God's own dear Son
to satisfy a throng.

A future day when Pilate stands
before The Great White Throne,
He'll know how foolish were his plans,
rejecting Son that shone.

"The fool hath said there is no god,"
but how can finite man
Affirm a truth that's way beyond
the facts within his hand?

"You need to trust that I am true.
Your lasting food is me."
But Adam chose the fruit, his due
for foolish man was he.

The history of foolish men
required the Wise One come
that debt of fools He'd pay to win.
His Wisdom is the sum.

So, foolish lawyers, foolish judge
broke many laws to place
on cross their victim. They'd not budge
from anger in disgrace.

Condemned by wrath in foolish rage
they flogged the Wisest Man.
Though most would perish by this stage,
He lived to finish Plan.

The nails, the thorny crown, the wood
increased the river red,
until the Son of God, the Good,
with final breath was dead.

They speared His heart in one more shame
to make for sure He'd gone.
The Wise One, who took all our blame
no more would be alone.

The Pharisee and other friend
showed honor to the bier.
On borrowed slab with fragrance tend
to Savior without fear.

The Sabbath rest saw restless souls,
who knew not where to turn.
They'd read the Scriptures, knew the scrolls,
but little did they learn.

Disciples all, they hid in fear
for Lord they knew was dead.
The Roman legions might be near.
To where could they be fled?

He laid in state from Friday late
to Sunday 'fore the sun.
He got up through the cloths as great
and smiled at vict'ry won.

The smiling Lord knew secret rare
and chuckled thought to keep.
"My friends will meet me with a stare
and some may faint to sleep."

He met them. "Here's an April Fools.
You thought that I was dead,
"But open tomb reveals its jewel.
I'm raised as oft I said."

My foolish heart has been renewed
by my great Advocate.
His resurrection can be viewed
in faith-filled heart to date.

We have a choice that we must choose.
Some think us fool today,
but lasting wisdom we will use
for The Wise One we obey.

On other hand some can't accept
that one could rise again.
When day of death to them be crept,
they'll drown in foolish sin.

Some think me fool that I believe
that Jesus died and rose.
If I eternal life receive,
whose highs displace my lows,
Then none can e'er again deceive
my heart from living prose.

But if I die and never wake
without a Lord my soul to take.
I'll be no worse than those, who thought
the mind is all that we are taught.

Yet, if I die and wisdom find
The Risen Lord in love is kind,
Then foolishness fore'er be gone
replaced by Hope in Life anon.

24 verses
96 lines

by Jay O'Toole
on March 30th, 2018

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