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On Friday on a business channel I heard from a panelist about how he thought rabbits really did lay eggs. I hope he was joking.

Write a story explaining how the Easter Bunny came by his basket of Easter eggs.

Treasure Hunt

Easter rabbit vigorously hopping about in search of the lost treasure, slowed and allowed visual contact with the wolf who was intently observing the unusual display. It was spring and many animal families had young to feed.

Shuddering rabbit asked “Do you know where the mysterious treasure is?”

Wolf stretched and yawned then replied in a slow monotone manner, “i have never heard of such a thing.”

“Thank you, I’ll be hopping along now.”

Oh no, you wait a minute, this is going to cost you.!” Wolf sneered and gathered all the strength possible with the idea of returning home, home with a nice warm meal to offer the family.

Rabbit jumped high and turned then swiftly got nose to nose with wolf learning at him his stiff body as calm as a dead person.

“Let me find the treasure and I’ll give it to you.”

“No way. You’l never return.”

They both pushed their faces together as close as possible and then broke apart swiftly. The bright light sliced between them, as sharp as a razor and precise as a laser. The earth trembled as rabbit and wolf departed company hopping and running dirt flying, and other debris of all kinds bellowing into a cloud, as their hearts raced and feet were flying.

Hours later they returned to the place of the light and discovered a collection of cheerfully and brightly colored eggs. Bewildered and amazed they inspected them delicately and in detail as their nerves were twitching and their muscles were rolling.

“it’s mine!”

"No, it’s mine!”

The thunder rolled and the sky grew dark.

“lets share these eggs.”

Yeah, lets!”

Wolf and rabbit departed for home happy to have found what they believed was the treasure. The real treasure was their sharing of the colored eggs.

309 words, 1730 characters. Readability level: 9-10th grade student
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