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My understanding of this situation.
Heaven and hell, do you know these?
These are the places spoken of in scripture.
We all will have eternal life, where we live it is the question.
On earth as it is in heaven, turning the things on earth as they are in heaven, a process.
While we are on this earth we are in the place where the anti-Christ plays, picking at us.
If this is his play ground what would we expect?
God does not want puppets therefore we have bee given the gift of free will.
It is up to u s to decide our future, our eternity, our life travels, and Where and how we live here.
Bad things happen to good people because if this is the play ground of the anti-christ, he being the father of evil also rewards his children in the here and the now.
God rewards His children in the eternity, so we at patiently for our rewards in heaven. For me this is something to look forward to and brings into perspective reasons for why things of evil prevail or rather seem to prevail on earth.
Scripture states that all will be judged. By one was the fall of human kind and by one is the salvation of humanity for those who accept the gift of redemption. The plan os salvation is because God does not want any of his precious children to parish, however He also does not demand that we follow His requirements. He wants us to willingly want to do this because we love Him and Jesus. Jesus sent His spirit to be with us, so as we are in tune and alert to the quiet still voice, we get guidance and promptings which for me are priceless.
For me there are two kinds of hell. One is the physical place where those who decide to follow the anti-christ go to spend eternity. The other hell is the place within us where we when we realize the greatness and true love of God feel the burning longing to be with Him. But, we who have decided to follow the aunt-christ can not. We must stay with the father of lies and evil because God is a just God and He can not go against Himself nor have a changing mind.
Jesus came to take on all the sins of the world. His sufferings even in the garden as well as the crucifixion are for everyone. Repentance is the key to spending eternity in heaven rather than eternity in hell. Repentance is a changing of the heart and the changing of the mind. It is an on going process.
The plan of salvation is simple, change of heart and mind, confession to God, willingness to be baptized showing our outward desire to be buried with Jesus-becoming a hair to His inheritance-He goes to prepare a place for those of us who follow Him.
Living life to our best ability to follow what is required for eternal life in heaven rather than eternal life in hell. When we fall, we get up and keep trying-working toward our eternal life in heaven for no one should parish, however many will be deceived and fine themselves going in the opposite direction away from heaven.
There needs be light and dark for example because it is a balance of things, and because without this there would be no free will. There also would be no comparison so the we would know the difference between the many opposites.
I’m far from perfect, yet because of my relationship with God, Jesus, and Holy Ghost, I have peace.
Safe travels and many blessings.
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