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by Eira
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Here I am trying to use all of my senses to describe a situation in just three paragraphs.
Daisy arrived at the house on a cool summer morning. She held on to the strong metal fence surrounding it, not leaning, but pressing her body against it as if looking for protection. The dew on top of the tall green grass in the garden in front of her glistened in the early sunlight. Butterflies flew from blade to blade in order to get to the fragrant yellow flowers.

But the pleasant atmosphere that was present in the garden did not extend itself across the entire property. All the way in the back arose a building that, even though it stood so far away, towered over little Daisy. It seemed, so to speak, that the house was surrounded by a sphere. Dark and gloomy in the otherwise peaceful garden, the house stood in a world of its own.

The girl knew that any moment now, her mother, her father, or Emile, the old butler, would emerge from the house. They would come to get her, and she would have no choice but to enter the property. The metal fence that protected her in a way would soon lock her inside instead. In the distance, a creaking door opened, and the butterflies in the garden flew away.

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