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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2156322
An entry in the Super Power Tower Tale
 Professor Dimension  (E)
An entry in the Super Power Tower Tale
#2156322 by Chris Boo!reva - JackOLantern!

"Professor Dimension
You are an alien, brought to Earth and trapped here by accident. Now, you must use your innate abilities to battle the forces of darkness, while trying to find your way home!
Dimensional Gateways - Your powers give you the ability to create portals, opening doorways in reality to any location that you can clearly visualise - nowhere is off-limits to you!
Now, you protect Budapest from drug cartels, while also battling the evil plans of Bohemian Joe!"

Bohemian Joe was sitting at his desk planning how to distribute enough fentynal to kill the entire world when Professor Dimension suddenly opened a portal into Bohemian Joe's office.

"What are you doing here," Joe cried out. "How did you find my new office?"

"Don't you know by now that you can't hide from me Joe? Your criminal activities are about to come to a screeching halt! I'm exiling you to the Prison Zone. You will remain there until you are rehabilitated or you die of natural causes, whichever comes first."

"Wait! You can't do that! You have not arrested me or held a trial."

You have been tried and convicted and are in fact even now an escaped prisoner. I am simply transporting you back into custody. Do you wish to enter this portal or do I throw you into it?"

"I'm not going anywhere," Joe responded. "You may be able to manipulate portholes into different universes but you have no physical powers."

"That's what you think," Professor Dimension replied. "I also have telekinesis."

With that he used his mind to pick Bohemian Joe up and force him into a porthole. It sucked Bohemian Joe in just as his men attacked Professor Dimension. The fight did not last long as Professor Dimension turned the objects around him into flying objects knocking the combatants out. "You're all under arrest," he told the unconscious men. "I hope you give up your right to remain silent so I can knock you out again."

Once the men were locked up Professor Dimension wanted to go home. However he knew his super powers were needed. "I'll join the Super Power Tower Team if they'll have me," he said and opened a porthole to AL's location.
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