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a poem I wrote
The day is long,
The sun is high,
My eyes are wet,
My dreams have died,

The land is Barren,
There is no growth,
I have lost my passion,
I see no hope,

I search for answers,
Look near and Far,
As the moon rises,
wish on every star,

Mirrored in the water,
Mirrored in my soul,
are the withered words,
that have now gone cold,

will I wait forever,
will I not be free,
to express each thought,
raging deep in me,

my words are the ocean,
when the thunder roars,
My thoughts crashing waves,
met by big brick walls,

I refuse to be timid,
I refuse to be meek,
yet society kills me,
cuts me piece by piece,

and so the day is long,
and still the sun is high,
My eyes remain wet,
I conform... I die.

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