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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2157572
Starting his experiment, man discovers his new life and begins to learn more...
(NOTE: This is an homage to the story "Parallel Lives" found on Fictionmania and its derivative work on Tgstorytime. I have kept the general storyline in the same spirit but have taken some changes in course which set this story apart from them. I recommend reading those two stories if you can find them, they are good!)
My heart was pounding in my chest as I made my way to the master bedroom and closed the door behind me and gingerly locked it. The rest of the house had been locked and the lights were off so there was no real sense of being caught unawares, especially with our two kids upstairs sound asleep, but I was more petrified by the fact that I was not only allowing my body to lead where it may, I was anticipating it as well. Ever since I had changed into Myka and become somewhat adapted to living as a woman, I began to feel something come over me, a gradual change and just a sense of foreboding every time I started to switch back. A part of me really wondered what the consequences would be if I just didn't...

The room was lit by the lamp on one of the bedside tables with the bathroom door opened a crack, the sound of the shower running filled my ears. Slowly I made my way to the vanity in the middle of the room and I looked at myself for a few moments, trying to will my pulse to slow down, to calm my beating heart, or at the very least allow me the chance to breathe normally. All of which failed, spectacularly, as my eyes caught the sight of Terrance stepping into the shower, his ass caught my attention.

Before I could get myself unnerved any further, I slipped off the blazer top and undid the buttons on my blouse and slipped them off, followed closely by the skirt and what was left of the hose after Hillary's hands and feet basically tore them to shreds. As I stood there, hands holding my breasts, I could feel myself working up to a level I had somehow avoided to that point: dealing with a hormonally active body that wanted something and wanted it badly enough to override any mental thought or impulse. With barely a thought, I slipped out of the thong and undid the clasps for the bra and watched as the woman's ample breasts bounced slightly, released from their captive hold, and swayed with every move of my body.

Terrance had his back to the doorway and was washing his hair as I made my way into the bathroom and closed the door as quietly as I could. There must be something to be said about how a couple can be so in tune with each other that even though his eyes were closed, he could somehow sense I was in the room with him. "Everything locked up?"

"Yup..." was all I trusted my mouth to say as I took my time taking in the body in front of me. Even though his back was to me, I could tell from the way his body was shaped that he had very strong arm muscles. His back was broad, almost insanely broad from my angle, and I had no problems tracing my eyes down his figure to the most perfect set of male buns I had ever laid my eyes on (and I had spent a lot of time at the gym when I was younger, so I credited myself something of an authority on male ass). Visually, I could see the differences between Terrance and Christopher, that was plain as night and day. As a man, Christopher was nice to look at, had decent Northern European features that held up well as he aged. Still, nothing compared to this younger, more rugged expression of masculinity in front of me.

Before the steam could get to me anymore, I stepped to the shower and opened the shower door, sliding in behind him and gently closed it, pressing my body against his back and feeling the mixture of the heat rising from his hot shower meshing in with the heat from my own body. I pressed my nose against his back and inhaled, smelling the body wash he was using but also his own personal smell, something I had noticed from spending time doing the laundry a few days ago. I don't know how I noticed it at first, but my body reacted almost naturally to his scent. It was both calming and intoxicating at the same time, a byproduct of eons of human evolution where a woman could detect and associate smells from fertile and virile men. At least that is what I had read at some point. How true it was...

Terrance wiped his face off and smiled, his body reacting to mine as he leaned back a little as I leaned forward, my breasts pressing against his back and I felt his ass brush against my groin. It was a remarkable bit of sensation, to be holding someone so close that you felt everything that went through your fingers, your toes, even the ends of your hair. I had only felt that way with one other person, Amanda, but even in that case, I wasn't so sure I had felt as close or as electrified as I did right then.

He turned in my arms and I found myself pressed against his chest. I was looking at him through a different set of eyes and what I saw my body intensely liked. He wasn't jacked up, but he had majorly toned his body to what amounted to a shame that he kept it under wraps in a suit and tie. I ran a soapy hand along his pecs, feeling his chest and brushed ever so gently against his side, slipping myself better into his embrace. "Hm...you couldn't wait?"

"Why bother?" I replied breathlessly as he leaned down and kissed me squarely on the lips. Until that point, we had exchanged kisses on the cheek, the forehead, and the occasional light quick kiss on the lips. Nothing like this, though, as his mouth pressed against mine and I felt his tongue snaking his way into my mouth. I pressed back, raising one hand up to cradle his neck, bringing his head closer to mine even as I leaned upwards into him. His hands reached down and cupped my ass, pressing me into him and I felt something pressing instantly against my thigh.

"You sure are ready..." I teased, smiling and looking into his eyes. One of my free hands traced its way down his abs until it brushed against his cock. I had never, in my entire life, thought I would find myself in the position I did now: pressed against another man, alternating between kissing and being kissed, in a shower, with my hand now slowly soaping up and down his shaft. There was something to be said about a healthy young man and, judging by the size and width of it, I knew he was really on the "healthy side". Myka really lucked out here.
Terrance brushed my wet hair off to the side before he returned to kissing me, his arms guiding me ever so slowly towards the shower wall. Even though my body was on full react mode, I still hadn't let go of him and was working alternatively on stroking the shift and massaging the tip of the head. Each time I brushed my fingers along the rim of the cockhead, I felt a shiver go through him and he paused to let out a groan before he pressed even harder into me. I could feel my nipples grow hard for him as his hands groped and massaged them, though I was beyond caring at how he did it. In between my legs, I also felt something: NEED.

With my body pressed against the wall, he then looked into my eyes and I investigated his for a moment before I turned and bent my back a little, pressing and presenting myself for him. I didn't know where any of this was coming from but far be it for me to deny someone that much pleasure or desire. My body was on heightened alert and every moment he touched, pushed, or prodded me, I could feel a shiver throughout my body and I moaned again, pressing my ass against his hand. "Please baby..." I almost whimpered in the sexiest voice I could muster at that point. "I need you...."

My husband leaned forward, and I felt the first part of him slide into me, pressing insistently and pushing through my labia. Medical terms were making their way into my head even as I lost all other sense of thought, his hands gripped my waist and I felt a wash crash over me. Every sensation that didn't come from the pounding my new pussy was receiving went out the window as my entire world seemingly hovered around it and the penis that was penetrating it.

I'm not sure exactly how long we lasted...could've been a few moments, a few minutes...all I knew was that I had lost track of the number of orgasms that coursed through my body and Terrance, building up, was as much a giver as a taker. He had just about been ready to pull out when I pushed myself as possible, taking him inside me as deeply as possible, and he let out a grunt before I felt his cock pulsing in me and the new sensation of something warm, his cum filled with hundreds of millions of sperm, into my body. He pushed a few more times before he leaned forward against me as I struggled to keep on my feet, his hands wrapping lovingly around my heaving breasts, and he kissed me on the neck. "I love you, baby girl..."

I smiled exhaustedly and turned my head to kiss him deep, long, and hard. "I love you too, baby..."
Waking up, I felt immediately a dull but still pleasant ache in between my legs and despite the fact my mind was still catching up with me, I knew I was still here.

After the shower, we had managed to get dry and made our way to bed, with Terrance going back outside to check on the kids one last time and making sure the rest of the house was locked up. Meanwhile, I took a few extra moments to shower off the feeling of semen leaking from inside me and after using the toilet, I made sure to take one long look in the mirror and blushed. My reflection showed a woman who had just been thoroughly fucked by her man and everything about the act replayed itself in my mind. I could feel my body reacting again, but I was just too physically exhausted to do much about it.

Coming out, I saw Terrance already in bed waiting and I slipped out of the towel and slid into bed next to him. We were both tired from the day, but we still spent the next few minutes making out slowly, running our hands up and down each other's bodies, before he reached over and turned out the light. Even though I couldn't see him, I felt his arm lay out and I nestled into his shoulder, placing my head on his chest and feeling very comfortable. Sleep came quickly for us both.

He was still fast asleep as I turned and slipped out of bed, tiptoeing to the bathroom to take care of some business in there and once again, as I looked at my reflection, I could still feel the tenderness between my legs as I had gotten a trial by fire, breaking in my (new to me anyway) female genitals with a delicious pairing of a fine specimen of man. I brushed my hands alongside my pelvis, looking at the small patch of hair in between them but the lack of my own pair of balls and a sizeable cock didn't really bother me as much as I thought it would. Even the sight of my breasts bouncing as I shifted around didn't bother me as much as I had imagined it would at first.

The clock read 6 a.m. as I turned off the bathroom light and leaned against the doorframe, watching the chest of my man rise and fall slowly and calmly, the look of contentment on his face more than evident. I still felt a bit of unease inside me as my eyes traced down to his groin, watching his semi-hard cock rest on his body, just at the relative ease in which I accepted being a woman involved in a sexual relationship with another man. As Christopher, I had found myself a few times slipping and watching other men, especially watching them in a way I had never really done so before. I merely played it off as just something random but was there something further to it? Had I become gay when I reverted?

Deciding that these thoughts were better left for another time, I picked up the robe I had earlier draped over the back of a chair and slipped it over my shoulders. It did nothing really to hide any of the curves that lay underneath its silk fabric, but I figured walking around naked, especially in front of children, was probably not a good thing to be doing right now, and as I tied it, I grinned slightly as I caught my reflection in the vanity mirror. I had never liked pink before but this shade, against this skin, it was alright. Hearing some feet upstairs, I laughed a little at my thought of "no rest for the weary", and closed the door behind me before I set off for the kitchen.

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