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Man puts his plan into action, part 2
(NOTE: This is an homage to the story "Parallel Lives" on Fictionmania and its derivative work on Tgstorytime. I have kept the general storyline close to the prior stories but have since diverged this story from them. I recommend you reading them if you can find them, they are good!)
After Amanda left for work, I immediately fired up the computer and began to pull out profiles on the banking management, including names and profiles on their spouses, what organizations they belonged to, personal histories, even hunted through social media for information. I knew that management profile teams always looked for people who could fit their ideal image of a manager, not necessarily how they could mold the organization around them, and I used the information to make a more archetypal picture of their ideal candidate. When it came down to it, I formed a rough list:
Married,          ideally with kids
         Religiously          involved
         Results          driven
Thompson BanCorp was a major regional banking institution, with branches in several states and its hands in investment firms located in New York and London, but at the core of its corporate identity, it still focused on rather conservative values. They wanted their managers to be family-oriented with a commitment to faith and to their local communities. Idealistic to the extreme but also something I knew Terrance had in spades. There had to be something else.

I spoke with Ralph that afternoon and he basically filled me in on the parties who were going to be at the gala, namely the CEO, CFO, and several members of the corporate selection committee. It was rare that you would get the big guns out to a regional banquet, but they used the guise of "enhancing corporate cohesiveness" to pick and choose new members. What it ultimately boiled down to, according to him, was that they were looking to expand this region's influence and to, in the future, aim for expanding its reach into the neighboring states. In that case, they would need a strong and experienced management team that was also adept to changes and could be flexible. They felt young energy would be an excellent guide towards that goal.

I put together my notes and after turning off the computer, I took out the locket and opened it. I had found what I was looking for and the desire to get right on it made even more sense, especially since I was not really doing much now as Christopher. I changed back into Myka and after letting myself out of the house, I made my way back to my new home and walked in. While I could help Terrance out on his presentation style and his confidence, I also knew I had to do my part and dig, find out more information, and seek out ways I could help him get a leg up. That required a skill and finesse that Christopher lacked simply by being born male.
The next few days, I worked on building up my folder on the prospective candidates and everything else I could about who was going to be doing what. I spent time with Tiffany and we recruited another wife, Teresa, whose husband was in the accounting department and had suffered a similar lack of acknowledgement under my husband's colleague, Bryson Patrick, who was also rumored for the position. The three of us worked together to find out as much information as we could on the internal affairs of the bank's plans. This group, along with my church group, we were generating quite the amount of information and I worked it in with Terrance as much as possible.

I also brought along Rebekkah with me as I went shopping to upgrade my wardrobe. A lot of the clothing I had for work was a bit on the conservative side and I felt a little spring in my step, as well as a little cleavage here and there, was needed to shake things up a bit. A lesson I had been learning was that there was a major disadvantage, even in the 21st century, for a woman to be in a role typically filled by a man but there was no reason why I couldn't own it and spice it up at the same time. If I was going to ensure that Terrance was a shoe-in for the position, I had to make sure that my game was just as tight and if it took flaunting my body's curves and sex appeal to get it...well, girl got game, right?

I never knew how much influence I was having until we were sitting down to dinner one night and the kids were out, spending it at their aunt Michelle's (his sister) house, when Terrance leaned over and smiled. "You're amazing, you know that?"

I looked at him a bit puzzled. "What do you mean?"

He shrugged and went back to his food. "You. You're working hard on making networks and talking with the other women. I see it going on..." He took a few bites and chewed on it for a moment. "I never thought I'd see you so engaged."

I smiled at that and placed the fork gently down on my plate before I reached over and placed my hand on his knee. "I realized that I had something worth working on."

That night, with the kids gone, we spared the house no quarter. Dinner was all but forgotten as each room got a thorough workout. I took ahold of him and made him remember just how much of a young man he was. He was otherwise a delicate lover and I had no complaints. Still, for this week and the next, I wanted him...no, I NEEDED him to become the Alpha male, the top-dog of the room, and there was really one way to do that: I had to remind him that there was someone who wanted him that way. It wasn't about surrendering and being dominated. No, those were male terms to look at the act of sex. What I did instead was to work his natural, biological tendencies while stroking his ego and bringing out the lust in him to work harder, faster, stronger. I needed him to focus and the best way was to use it.

Did I mention that I loved the sex? Because I did.
Everything about him I worked on, from his mannerisms (subtle cues, mention in passing, stuff that I 'saw on the internet'...) to his dress (updating the quality of his clothing. The man could dress but he didn't really care about brand names and what not...) and even on how he carried himself. On the most superficial level, I think he thought it was funny that his wife was paying this much attention to these things and was fawning over him but deep down, he felt that I was supporting him but for some unknown reason. I let him think whatever he wanted because he was still going to do what I wanted him to do and I was taking my rewards out of him every single night (and sometimes early enough in the mornings too).

By the time the gala came around, I had already worked on his game speech, his posture, clothing, everything about his presentation style had been tweaked just enough to make it his own while, at the same time, being all mine. I had him dressed in a brand name tuxedo that was cut just right, shoes were cleaned and polished, his hair trimmed neatly, even the cufflinks he wore was done just right. Not to be outdone, I had gone all out with a sapphire red backless gown that had a plunging neckline and hugged every inch of my ass, leaving little doubt that I was packing it and then some.

All week I had planned the hair, make-up, everything was done meticulously and when I stepped out of the bathroom all put together, Terrance merely mouthed "woah" before he came up and placed his arm around my waist. I kissed him gently on the check, not wanting to both smudge my makeup and to leave any on him, and playfully reminded him that he was on point tonight. He still didn't fully appreciate what was going on, but I knew he was focused. After spending so much time with him (what seemed like ages had been only a little over 2 months), I could start to read him well enough.

In the end, with my prep work and his presence, Terrance made a great impression. It was more than a bit satisfying to see how he managed to pull people into him and his conversation style was easy, casual, and held a lot of confidence that just caused people to gravitate towards him. I did my part, half arm-candy and half socialite, I made sure to make the appropriate compliments on their wives' dresses, played the demure role, laughed at a few jokes, and overall made sure that the focus was on him. I could tell who were the catty ones that I needed to avoid and luckily, I had an unexpected ally in Susannah, the wife of the COO, who took an instant liking to Terrance and even more in me. She made sure to run interference when other candidates would start approaching and together, we made sure that her husband's focus was on him. I made a mental note to figure out what wine this woman drank and to ensure a bottle or three would be delivered promptly.

By the time we got home, we were both giddy and more than a little drunk from the wine and the champagne that flowed like water there and riding a high from everything, I made sure that we at least got our clothes off and put them away for later. That night, I did something I never thought I would ever do for another man: I took him orally.

Now, I don't know where the hang-ups came from, considering how much sex we were having and the fact my body had taken his semen in every other hole possible. I had jerked him off, had him coat my breasts and stomach with his cum, we even had to toss one set of bedsheets because of how much leaked out of me afterwards. I still had not actually gone down on him before and, as I lowered myself down onto my knees, I really didn't know why I hadn't.
A few days later, Terrance came home from work and I immediately looked up at him with an expectant look. Earlier in the day, I had gone back to my old house and had called up Ralph to see how things were going. He had mentioned that Terrance had made a smashing impression and that he was going to be given the promotion. I did my best not to betray any sense of emotion other than pleasant surprise but as soon as I hung up, I let out a cheer and immediately rushed back home, changed, and then planned a surprise for him. "How was your day, honey?"

He smiled as he strode over and picked me up in his arms and kissed me deeply. I didn't mind that I had dinner on the stove, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body into his, inhaling his scent drove my body crazy and I could feel myself getting wet even as I tried to maintain some level of composure as Jayson and Hillary were sitting at the table. "I got it...babe, I got a promotion!"

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