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by Angel
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Synopsis, Character Sketch, Needs & Desires and LCE in the story
Synopsis of the Story

King's Atoll is a small newly populated, British owned island in the Pacific Ocean. Many people with money, whether that be of the legal or illegal variety have moved to the island. This included Gemma's mother who had earned a lot of money smuggling drugs but found that her large fund soon dwindled on her drug habit and attempting to bring up two children alone. Both of her children are eventually taken away, Sophie is quickly adopted but Gemma, who has never made a sound from the time she was born, is bounced around the care system trying to find a home. There is something unusual about Gemma that people can't quite put into words, her smile charms and yet disarms them, nobody can explain it, or her.

Character Sketch

Gemma is six and has been in the foster care system for about three years. She has never made a sound, not even as a baby but despite her apparent lack of communication, she has learnt to read and write. She is ahead of her age group in most things especially in reading and drawing. We find Gemma with her latest foster family who have found her difficult to manage but are unable to say exactly why. Gemma is able to draw like someone twice her age; she always keeps a sketchbook and pencils with her. She tends to draw at times of stress to keep her calm.

Needs and Desires

Gemma wants a family. It's not something she's fully aware of, it's a feeling she gets when things go wrong. She tries hard to fit in but it's not always easy but she's learned that if she keeps her room tidy, does her chores and her homework then that helps for a while. She wants to know why it is that people don't hear her when she speaks to them. She wants to know what she's doing wrong, why it is Sophie has a family but she doesn't. She is angry with her sister and she doesn't understand it but a hate is growing inside her. This is because she's been adopted whereas she hasn't.

She needs a stable home because as she gets older, bouncing from family to family will make her more unstable. It will also make it harder for her to find a permanent family.

Life Changing Event

The normally quiet volcano erupts putting Inlet Bay, where Gemma currently lives, in danger. Everyone evacuates south to Victoria Point but Gemma but an incident happens and she takes a new course. Gemma meets Bobby (Roberta (named after a Great Aunt)) and Lucy who are twins. They will change Gemma's life.

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