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I congratulate all the hero mothers in my way.
Once, Gal Gadot was at the playground with her daughter. And the girl said: “My Mom is Wonder Woman”. The other kids’ parents looked at the actress bewildered, not recognizing. She smiled and said: “You know, every mother is a Wonder Woman”.
Every mother is a Wonder Woman. Do you agree? I do! Wonder Woman is my favorite character, by the way. She is a beautiful and courageous leader. She is strong, but her strength is love.
Love. Love is what makes us mothers invincible. Love is what makes us so vulnerable.
Being Mom is so hard! I had had no clue before my baby was born. First three months of her life, I was suffering from postpartum depression. I was so unhappy that I didn’t want to live. Now that is over, I look at the past and understand: all what I needed was someone who would say: “It’s okay”.
I still need it sometimes. And I think every Mom does. This is what I want to say today to you, fellow mothers: It’s okay.
It’s okay to shout at your own baby. You still love him
It’s okay to doubt if you were right giving her birth. You still love her
It’s okay to do something for yourself. Happy Mom - happy kid. Happy everyone.
It’s okay to leave your kids with someone, even if they are very young.
It’s okay to pity yourself. Your strength is the kindness. Be kind to people, and start with yourself.
It’s okay to go mad, lose hope, get angry, suffer from frustration, doubt your skills, feel lonely, and, of course, claim you are the worst mother in the world. You still are Wonder Woman.
You are invincible. You are unstoppable. You are strong, and loving, and kind. You can do impossible. Everything is possible for you.
You are the best human in your kids’ world. You are their Mom. You are a Wonder Woman.
Happy Mother’s day!

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