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You've heard of Snow White? Here's how it all began... A Pretty Pesky Prompts Entry
Snow’s Grand Adventure

Snow McAllister rolled down the window, hoping the rushing air would wake her up, as she sped down Interstate 15 heading home to Los Angeles. I know Mom will be surprised to have all us kids together for her 65th birthday.

It was after midnight and the Nevada desert was empty except for an abundance of stars and the occasional billboard. She saw the big UFO cutout looming in her high beams. [Area 51, 85 miles. Next turn.] Such foolishness! she scoffed.

It was at that moment her car began misfiring. “Give me a break!” Her protest went unheard as the engine died and she coasted to the side of the road. “Now what?” she asked, getting out and walking to the front. She looked skyward. “Really, God?” Bright lights suddenly illuminated the area from above, blinding her. The car began shaking up and down. It was the last thing she remembered.

“Human, why are you here?”

Snow felt something sharp poking at her. She opened her eyes to see a large Gray Wolf standing next to her, his clawed foot stabbing at her. “What the hell?”


She sat up, scrabbling backwards. “What? Where?...”

“Quiet I said!”

It was then that she noticed he hadn't really spoken. “How? I mean, I hear you but …” Her question was cut off by the sound of laughter. Looking around, she saw several rabbits and a squirrel gathered behind the wolf.

“See?,” said one of the rabbits. “I told you she was special. She can mind-speak.”

“Mind-speak? Are you telling me I can hear your thoughts?”

The squirrel came forward, holding one tiny claw to its mouth. “Shhhh. The woods are a dangerous place. Don’t speak. That’s only for humans.”

“Can you really hear me?” she thought.

“Perfectly," replied the wolf. “Now, why are you here?”

“I …” She stopped herself. “I’m going crazy. This isn’t real.”

“It is very real,” a large owl offered, landing by her foot. He peered at her, looking her up and down. “Wolf, did you notice her aura?”

“I noticed,” he said, adding a low growl.


A chorus of “shhhh’s” came at her.

“This is obviously a dream. I must have driven off the road. I’m lying in a coma somewhere.” Flashes of memory hit her: The car stopping. Bright lights. Shaking.

“This is the work of the evil Queen. See how her mind has been clouded,” the owl pronounced. Turning to Snow, he asked, “What is your name, fair maiden?”

Snow slapped hands over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. “This is loony-tune time. Fair maiden? Oh God, I’m hallucinating a Disney movie.”

“See? I told you, I told you,” the rabbit said, his leg thumping the ground in excitement. “Her aura remained pure white. She’s the one that the Council said would come.”

“Ahem!” interrupted the owl. “How are you called, lady?”

“Might as well play along. My name is Snow. How are you called?” she asked.

The owl made a formal bow. “I am Elden of the Azure Aura. The gray one is Lupus of the Red Aura. I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Snow of the White Aura.”

“There’s that word 'aura', again. What are you talking about?”

“Each living thing has an energy. The color of that energy tells you about its basic nature. Azure means trust and peace. My friend Lupus has a red aura. Red represents our most physical needs and our will to survive. Purple is imagination.”

“And white?”

Elden was thoughtful. “I’m not sure. You are the first I've ever seen.”

Lupus of the Red raised his head, his ears twitching and his nose sampling the air. “Other humans are coming. We must leave.”

“Humans? I’m a human. Maybe they can help me. I need to get to Los Angeles.”

“Los Angeles? I’ve never heard of such a place. Perhaps the Council of the Seven will have answers. What I do know is that humans have been combing the woods of late. I think they’re looking for something and, given your sudden appearance, I suspect it’s you. That does not bode well for their intentions. Please, come with us.”

All Snow had were questions, not answers. “Daddy always said dance with the one that brung ya. Okay. Lead on." She didn't notice the strange looks her comment brought.

The woods, themselves, were breathtaking. Large trees that she couldn't identify were interspersed with oases of the greenest grass she had ever seen. Beautiful flowers in a myriad of colors and shapes grew in great profusion everywhere. “Wow. Disney had nothing on this place.”

“May I ask who the ‘Disney’ you refer to is?” Elden asked.

“He was a man of great imagination back where I come from.”

Elden pondered this. “I've heard tell about a man called Walt of the Purple Aura from long ago but he spoke only to mice. Perhaps it’s just coincidence?” He shrugged.

At last they came to a large clearing with a cottage and small garden. “A house! I wouldn’t have thought that any of you needed a house," she said.

“This is the Council of Seven residence. They are human also. They were disfigured by the evil Queen and banished. They came here to find a way to end her rule. There is a prophecy that a maiden with a white aura would one day appear and that would mark the beginning of the Queen's downfall.”

Seven robed figures came from out of the cottage. There was something almost familiar about them. “Why, they're dwarfs,” she said, trying to stifle a grin.

“Excuse me,” the leader said indignantly. “We are not dwarfs. We’re just … small.”

Snow started laughing until tears ran down her cheeks. She had a good idea how this adventure would end. She hoped that someday she'd be able to explain to her Mom why she didn't make it to the party. It sounded like there was a way home ... but that's another adventure.

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An entry for "Pretty Pesky Prompts
Prompt: Re-Write a children's book/story. Take your favorite childhood story and re-write it for a more mature audience.
Word Limit: 1,000
Word Count: 998

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