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The task: Write a short story where each 2nd sentence contains a raising action.
All its life, the Cage had envied harps.
The Master cared about them, touched them with his gentle fingers, and they rang sweetly.
The cage had strings, and rings, and clamping as good as these filthy snobs, but they played music and she could not.
Once, the Cage asked its guest, the Crow, to sing.
The Crow pretended he was a canary but appeared to be a bad actor.
The Cage exploded with anger and hit the bird with a stick.
Deathly insulted, the Crow backed into a corner and gnawed on its carrot.
The Cage got deep into its memory but could not decide what to do.
How can a cage become a musical instrument?
An idea hit the Cage: it needed the carrot!
The Cage apologized to the crow.
“I welcome you aboard”, the Cage said, “but if you want to be a part of the team, please, help!”
The crow looked suspiciously but agreed to collaborate.
The crow took the carrot and started hitting the Cage’s rods with it.
It was music!
“What’s a nasty trick!” the Master said and took the carrot from the crow.
The Cage felt unhappy as never in its life.
“Were I not a simple appliance but a tiger, I would kill you”, it said to the Master.
The Cage wanted to cry but it could not do even this.
“Please, don’t be so sad”, the crow said, “our Master is a harpist, he doesn’t understand anything about cages, crows, and carrots”.
“I will find a way to play music”, the Cage promised, “I will.”
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