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This is about a dream I had on June 8, 2018, awaking at 5:25 a.m.
I have always been a dreamer and I’ve seen a few visions. Lately, I have been stirring that gift by praying over myself before I go to sleep---claiming divine protection and asking for dreams and visions. God is answering my prayers.

Before awaking this morning (6-8-2018 at 5:25 a.m.), I was dreaming. This is what I remember...

It was twilight in a green woodsy area on well-manicured hotel grounds. The grass and other vegetation was bright ethereal green with lush trees and other foliage. The climate was comfortable, and it was misting rain. On the grounds were many buildings----hotel but outbuildings of accommodations, each building several floors high---maybe 4 or 5. There were sidewalks and footpaths throughout the vegetation surrounding and leading to the buildings.

At first I was walking the grounds with a friend with whom I worked at a former job---Lynn Tinley. We were looking for our room---but we didn't have a room number... It was pick and choose what you want---keys were unnecessary. I was walking in stockings, carrying my shoes---nice navy blue Capezio flats.

We tried one elevator---pushed the button---but it never came. So we walked through the ground floor of the building to find another elevator.

Then my friend Lynn seemed to disappear (she was no longer there) and I was on my own---walking the grounds again---looking for my own room. My feet were getting wet. I was carrying the front part of my shoes; the back part of each shoe was missing. I remember thinking I probably left them on the floor where Lynn and I tried the first elevator. I wanted to find them so I could wear them.

I remember another lady walking alone, a short distance behind me---a stranger. She was about to overtake me at a corner with hedges. I felt mild discomfort and frustration as there were many buildings and they all looked alike. Then I woke up.


A FRIEND'S INTERPRETATION (Betty Sims): Kimberly, this dream is a preview of your heavenly home--lush, green peaceful and restful. Jesus told His disciple that "In My Father's house there are many mansions. I go and prepare a place for you that where I am there you may be also." The fact that you were in your stocking feet and carrying your shoes indicates a place of rest. This place is a place of peace but to get there requires a separation from those we have walked with in times past. Therefore, your friend Lynn seemed to disappear. Notice that you were only carrying the front part of your shoes, but the backs were gone. The backs were gone because there will be no way to "go back" or return the other way, but you can only go forward to your own heavenly "room." There are others walking along the same path, strangers to us, but known to God. Your discomfort and frustration at not being able to find your building is because the time is not yet for your to inherit your heavenly home.

THIS IS WHAT I GOT: I am entering a time of prosperity and transition with open access and liberty. I am letting go of the past and pressing on unhindered.

After getting Betty Sims interpretation above, I believe the elevator would not come---allow me to rise---because there is no going back and that's where I left the backs of my shoes in the dream. In hindsight, while I received salary increases annually, I was as high as I could go---hence, no elevator.

That job---the past---has been on my mind recently because the man I worked for, for 14+ years, called the office where I work now---and he knows I work there. When I answered the phone, he never even acknowledged me and did not say hello... just immediately asked for the guy I work for as if we were never even friends. This made me wonder a little about him. Though I know he is shallow and self-absorbed; after all I worked for him for many years. Then within the same week, I saw two of our clients from when I worked for him at a local restaurant; they were friendly as they were when I worked for him. They have aged significantly since I last saw them in 2010. All of this had me thinking about the past---not dwelling on it... just remembering.

I am tender-hearted and sometimes too easily offended. I have obstacles to overcome. There are parts of me I do not wish to embrace; and the enemy uses my shortcomings in an attempt to thwart progress; but I serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and have complete victory. I shall overcome and triumph and stand in the victory as one (one with Him, that is).

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