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Sell your dream and bring your wish into reality.
To place your wish
upon a star,
Only a fool
would go so far.

Trust in me
that wish of yours
In exchange - a dream
oh so cherished for.

I’ll work my magic
make your life fantastic!
So losing your dream
won't be so dramatic.

But let me warn you, in hopes I don’t harm you;
The loss is permanent,
The dream no longer prominent.

Then again, the offer stands
to sell your dreams
and see far lands.
Your wish will be granted
though only just one
But please, use your dreams
and make more than one.

Wish for the impossible. Improbable.
And no matter what, to me, it’s possible.
Go wild, be a child!
Because this won’t happen again for a while.

So trust in me
And not a star
To animate your wish
And take you far.
Give me more
Of those dreams of yours
In exchange - a wish
So desired for.

But let me warn you, in hopes I don’t harm you;
There are only so many dreams
That I can draw from you
Before your nights become nothing
But a lonely dark room.

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