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Solstice flowers perfume dawn's air
Solstice Flowers

Solstice flowers perfume dawn's air,
As the sun rises bright and fair,
To shine on verdant gardens where
Is found the furry long-eared hare,
And the beautiful blue jay sings
Above the mushroom pixie rings.

Solstice flowers dance in the breeze,
Inviting passing honeybees ,
To gather nectar as they please,
Or rest in the cool shade of trees
Beside fountains of cold water
When temperatures get hotter.

Multicolored solstice flowers,
Grow in hidden shaded bowers,
And open in the daylight hours
After cooling summer showers
Their glistening shimmering stems
Remind you of emerald gems.

Solstice flowers have sticky leaves,
That embrace their buds like shirt sleeves;
Pick them and bind them into sheaves,
They will solace someone who grieves.
Take them with you on summer days,
At the beach cool Sol's hot rays.

Line Count: 24
Form: LaCharta is composed of 6-line stanzas with a rhyme pattern of aaaabb ccccdd eeeeff and a syllable count of 8. See http://www.shadowpoetry.com/resources/wip/lacharta.html.
Written for: "Verdant Poetry Contest Round 17
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