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by Mic42
Rated: E · Script/Play · Health · #2161381
Stories that happen in an outpatient setting in a rual community.
Scene 1-
The layout for the gym was modest but condusive to the function of a physical therapy clinic in southern Massachusetts. The time was two fifteen but the room was eerily quiet, until Peter's voice rang out, "You went too fast, that was not thirty reps." He exclaimed to the forty something year old woman lying face up on the plinth in front of him. "Do ten more."
Amye strolled over to the radio in the corner, the only spot that received any reception in the whole room. She picked up the radio, "Must you continue to torment me with this dreadful music?" She shook the radio then placed it back in its spot.
"Amye, you know its the only station. You need to chill," Meaghan laughed. "You can have this or the two country stations that come in. Which do you prefer?" Meaghan knew the answer.
Amye grumbles as she attempts to locate another possiblilty, besides Lady Gaga. "It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't heard this song a hundred times today. Why can't they play something good? How about some....Green Day?" The room went silent. "I guess not." She sighed.
Melinda walks into the gym, her arms are stacked with binders, charts and papers. "Umm, excuse me, Amye. Do you have a moment?"
Amye stops and stares at her.
"Yes?" Melinda asks.
"I do. "
Melinda shoves a chart in her face, "Do you know this gentleman? He only has five visits left." She announces urgently.
Was that a question? Amye wondered. She paused to consider then replies, "I see, yes. It does say that."
Melinda pulls the chart back abruptly, "Well, what's the plan?"
Amye fights the urge to ask why she needed to know. Melinda was not the PT that evaled him. In fact Melinda was not a PT at all. SHe was an OT. "Well," trying not to make a grimace, "I had planned to do his progress note on his next visit. He has only been seen four times, not alot of time to make any gains."
Amye noticed Melinda making one of her concerned expression with her hand at her neck. She always wondered if Melinda practiced her disappointed expressions in a mirror before she used them. Seemed to Amye that there was a new one just about everyday.
"Can you talk to Alicia about your plan, so she's on board. She needs to get the authorization you know."
"Yes, Melinda. I will give her the progress note when its signed by the PT.'
"When? Will you have that done today?" Melinda asks.
"On his next visit, tomorow, I will get the data. When the note is done I will have it siigned. Once that happens it will get to Alicia." Amye spoke slower, hoping Melinda would understand it better that time.
"Then Alicia will get the report with enough time to get the authorization?" She asked, again.
When will she get it? Amye clenched her teeth.
"Yes Melinda, She will get my note ASAP."
"OK, thanks." Melinda then trotted off towards her office at the other end of the hall.
Amye turned and sighed. "I don't understand how she can manage running the whole clinic sometimes. I don't she ever listens to the answers I give."
Brenda, seated at the computer, "I know but you have to give her credit. She tries really hard."
Amye didn't want to burst Brenda's bubble. She knew Brenda had a heart of gold and was always seeing the light in eveyone. "I gotta go," was all she could think of saying and walked off to the staff room.

Scene 2
A man shows up in the doorway near Peter. He was carrying a cane.
"Can I help you?" Peter asks.
"I'm here to see Audrey. Is she around?" The man inquired.
Peter looks down and sees the cane dangling in the man's hand, "Aren't you supposed to use that on the ground?"
Audrey hears the comment, "Peter, I'm here. "Hi George, Is that your wife's cane?" She asked, looking at Peter.
Peter shrugged and turned back towards his paperwork, pretending not to care.
Audrey walks with George, out to meet up with the woman seated in a wheelchair in the hall, Rachel, his wife.
Audrey catches Laura coming out of the staff room, :Laura, this is Rachel and her husband George. Would you mind giving us a hand while we walked?"
"Certainly." She replied. "I think the space at the back will be good, quiet."
"Rachel, do you mind if I tell Laura what you are here for?" She asks politley.
Rachel nods and smiles. George replies, "She doesn't talk much. Its not easy for her."
Audrey proceed to explain to Laura that Rachel had a stroke that affected her left side and her speech. "She will need both of us to walk." Audrey nods to the cane in George's hand, "I think we will start with something more practical. I have this cane." She points to a cane that looks like a triangle, "Its' a hemi-walker. It will give enough support, I hope. It was made to be used with only one arm. Wanna try it?"
Rachel nodded and smiled then begain to get ready to stand on her own.
Audrey placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her, "Wait, I'm not ready yet." She laughed. "I need a few things."
Audrey placed a belt around her waist, then a stool in front of Rachel. "I will be in front guiding your left leg. Laura will be beside you, on the right, to assist you if you need. George, do you mind following us with the chair? Its like an orcastra,deliberate and sequntial. All you need is to listen to the steps."

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