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A "Candle in the Wind"-inspired tribute to Judy Garland.
Goodbye Frances Gumm,

even though I never knew you had the strength

to make us long and make us fall in love.

We all fell in love with the scared young Kansas girl

who was blown away into the Land of Oz.

Like Norma Jean, you lived your life

as that candle in the wind,

never knowing who to cling to when the storm set in.

and I wished I could've hugged you, but I was just a kid,

your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.

The glitz just was too much, Judy was the toughest role you played

The Dream Factory made a star and charged a price of pain.

And on the day you died, we saw there were no lemon drops,

just a sad old woman who seemed to have lost her way.

Goodbye Frances Gumm,

though I never knew you

had the strength to hold yourself

when those around you fell.

Goodbye Frances Gumm

from a kid watching on Channel 31,

who saw you as Dorothy

in the Land of Oz.
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