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Some days feel like a loss, but maybe The Universe is trying to teach us something?
"You still have a Grandmother?" Grace squinted in the afternoon sun.

"Oh yeah. She lives with my Mom in DeKalb" said Meghan. "She told me to get my tubes tied after this baby!" It made Meghan laugh to recall such a thought. She rubbed her six month pregnant belly with a smile. "I'm not into stuff like that."

"She's 80 years old and had four kids. Maybe she knows something I don't?"

It sounded cruel, but intently realistic. Why have more kids if they cause so much anguish?

Grace didn't know how to react. "I wish I had my Grandmother still" she said with a Guatemalan trill. "Both of them, actually"

Meghan could read the sadness on the kind woman's face. "I'm sorry to hear that" is what came from Meghan's heart.

Grace went on about her father's Aunt who rasied him. "She was the closest thing my father had to a Mother. He lived with her, and she loved me very much. So much that she was overprotective."

Grace longed for extended family. "I wish I had grown up with my brothers and sisters."

"You know, your Aunt is probably around you all of the time." This notion seemed matter-of-fact to Meghan. She talked freely about Spirits and Angels as if everyone had experienced them.

"No" Grace shyed. "Not dead people."

How do you reply to someone who does not share the same beliefs as you? How do you share the proof of existence that you have experienced in a genuine way?

"Oh" said Meghan.

She was going to have to find a way if she was to carry out her life's mission. This was another lesson she would have to learn from her mentor, Marian.
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