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My experiences provoked these thoughts.
New Horizons Classes, Forums, and The Golden Opportunity

I know! You are excited about getting started on your adventure and exploration of the classes you have signed up to attend through the offerings at New Horizons. I am happy for your enthusiasm. I wish you well as you discover the treasures available for the taking and learning. Have you considered what is necessary for these classes to be made available? Do you know what is required for these lessons to be completely and especially well promulgated for student consumption? Nope, I’m not going to write a lot about this. That may be a relief or maybe not. Either way, There is treasure which often goes unclaimed.

For readers who are interested in the details of the creation of the lessons, you can ask teachers or administrators about this. In brief, the corse material needs to written, edited, have facts and examples checked and verified as the best and most recent fact filled materials and examples. Then there is proof reading and more checking. That’s it in brief. Ok, you can relax now. *Smile*

The treasure within the courses is of great value. It can be priceless. it can be fun and exciting. It can be a myriad of things depending on what you are seeking in the particular course, in which you have decided to invest your time and energy. The suspense is about to be reviewed, but first, take time to seriously consider why you want to take a course, what you want to get or learn from the experience, and how much time you will devote to your learning investment. Yes, learning is an investment specifically tailoeored to you. You are in control of how and what you will during the time you have to green all the treasures from the course. That four letter word, Work, is something which is needed to gain these treasures. Many people invest time and effort, research and editing, and more editing, and then present the treasure chest of very valuable information, teaching, and resources so that students are able to have success in completing these courses with knowledge and understanding of the materials presented. For me this is well worth the time, effort, and work invested in the learning process.

Now for the secret to having a great time learning. You know WDC has forums. Yup, these gems are full of wonderful and valuable treasures. Consider the vast amounts of information exchanged through these forms of communication and education. Reading and writing informs is a great way to garner information, meet WDC members, learn new things about writing or whatever subject is being presented, and asking questions and offering answers is a great way to improve a writers skills and reading skills. This alone is of great value, but the icing on the cake is that these paths and highways for communicating and learning are filed with even more treasure whenever you read and respond to thoughts and ideas presented for free, yup, the price is right, it’s absolutely free. When a student omits participating in forum activities while attending a class the gems and jewels may well stagnate and be of great value but never acquired in the students treasure chest of valuables. Forum participation is a two way highway. Every time someone posts something related to the class or something which the class would appreciate, this treasure is available for all the students to read, study, comment on, and hence everyone learns. Learning is a priceless opportunity. It should be valued. These are my opinions and experiences which I wanted to share with readers.

What have you experienced when attending a New Horizons class? The treasure awaits!
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